Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 26, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Victoria was determined to take Newman Enterprises to new heights, now that she was no longer held back by fear of what Victor would think of her business decisions. She wanted Nikki to help her. Nikki changed the subject instead of agreeing or refusing to help. Billy brought Lily up to speed on Ashland’s heart attack and Victor and Victoria’s feud. Lily questioned Victoria’s motives for going to Billy’s room to deliver this news in person. They then set business aside and had a wonderful time on their date. Victoria showed up, and Billy told her how proud he was of her for letting Victor have it. Victoria issued a warning that Victor might go after ChancComm. Lily thought she and Billy were able to handle it. Victoria didn’t think Billy and Lily were a match for Victor. Lily and Billy went home and made love. Billy checked the news and learned Victor finalized the sale of Cyaxares. Victoria gave a quote to the news saying she wished Victor success, and she’d be focusing on Newman Enterprises. Chelsea fooled Nate into thinking she wasn’t fully recovered.

Faith told her parents how Moses stood up for her at school. They were pleased she had a friend from a family they knew well. Sharon confided in Nick that Rey moved out. Nick gave Sharon marriage advice. Moses told Faith about going to Alateen with his dad. That helped ease her fears about rehab. Faith talked to Nikki about rehab and received more encouragement. Chelsea was frustrated by how slowly her plan was playing out. She wanted to leave Genoa City and go to Connor. Rey went to Chelsea’s and overheard her talking. Chelsea pretended she was still partially paralyzed when she invited him in. She flatly refused when he asked her to bring Connor home and make it seem like he was sick in order to lure Adam out of hiding. Chelsea said a good man like Rey wouldn’t use a child as bait. Rey admitted he was being consumed by hatred of Adam, and that scared him. Chelsea commiserated about letting Adam become an obsession, but she told Rey that he was predisposed to do the right thing, unlike the rest of people. Rey seemed struck by what she said, and he looked suspicious.


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