Days Short Recap Monday, April 26, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina accused Chanel of working with Xander. Chanel said she was scamming Xander. He said she wasn’t. Paulina gave a rundown of the things Xander has done. Jake caught Kristen in the DiMera mansion. He said he knew who she was. He said she was Susan. He wanted to know why she was in the house. She said she had a premonition about him with Gabi. Gabi told Philip that she wanted to have sex with him. Chanel told Paulina that Xander was going to give her half of what she was going to give him. Paulina said she was trying to scam her. Chanel said she married Xander so he could be her meal ticket. Paulina decided to rip up the check. Chanel wanted to know what she was doing. She said she was going to be stuck with Xander. Paulina told her that she made her bed so she had to lie in it. Chanel told Xander that it was his fault that they didn’t get the money. Xander said it wasn’t his fault. They ended up arguing with each other. She told him she wanted a divorce. Theo talked to Abe about leaving with Ciara. Theo said Ciara was scared of Ben so they were leaving. Abe said he was afraid of him getting hurt. Theo said he knew what he was doing.

Kristen told Jake that her premonitions were never wrong. She said Gabi was in his arms. Jake said he used to be with Gabi. He said he was with Kate now. He noticed something on the floor. Xander told Chanel that she could have her divorce. He told her to give her the ring back. She said he told her to keep it. She said she would sell it if she were him. She gave him the ring back. Paulina ran into Abe and told him that Xander and Chanel were trying to scam her for $10 million. She said she was leaving Salem. Jake ended up seeing a glass on the floor. Kristen told him that her vision was the real deal. She said she saw him and Gabi in a passionate romance. He told her it was over. She said Kate may be in his bed, but Gabi was in his heart. Abe was upset that Paulina was leaving after the project she started. He accused her of giving up. She said she wouldn’t give up. She said she was settling some affairs and then staying in Salem. Philip and Gabi started to make love. She was thinking about Jake. She told Philip that she couldn’t do it.

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