Days Short Recap Friday, April 23, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander met with Chanel at Julie’s Place. They were excited about the big pay day they were getting from her mother. Paulina showed up and wanted to know how much he wanted. He said he wanted ten million dollars. She laughed in his face. She didn’t want him with her daughter, but she couldn’t afford it. Xander didn’t believe her. Chanel asked her to give him the money so she could end her marriage. Paulina told her it wasn’t her fault she ended up with him and not a rich man. He tried to negotiate with Paulina. Chanel pleaded with her to let get out of her marriage. Xander agreed to lower his price to one million dollars. Paulina finally agreed to write him a check. He noticed the check wasn’t the million he wanted. She told him that he didn’t deserve what she gave him. He had to take it or leave it. He agreed to take it. Chanel didn’t understand what he did accepting one hundred thousand dollars. She said they had to split that in half. Paulina wanted to know what she meant.

Kristen went to warn Kate that she had a premonition about her being in danger. She said she had to get out of town. Kate said she was already leaving town with Jake. She said that Kate shouldn’t go with him because he was after her. She told him to get far away from Jake. Kate wanted her to leave. She warned Kate again, but her real voice slipped out. Kate noticed and snatched her wig off. She admitted she was there to break up her relationship with Jake. She had to do it for Vivian. Kate wanted Kristen to get out so she could be with Jake. Kristen knocked her out. Jake showed up and wanted to know who Susan was. She looked at Kate’s lifeless body on the floor. Lucas went to see Chloe. He noticed she was upset and he thought Brady was the reason why she was mad. She admitted she had feelings for Brady. She knew he was committed to Kristen. Lucas told her that she was too good of a person to waste time on Brady. He thought she should focus on someone who wanted him. Chloe wondered if he was talking about himself. Lucas wondered what would have happened if he didn’t leave to take care of Allie. Chloe was surprised to hear what he had to say. He lied to her and said he had a brain tumor. He asked her not to say anything about it to anyone. He said he didn’t want to die without love. She told him that she had feelings for Brady. She said she couldn’t turn her feelings off like that. She said she would support him any way she could.

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