Days Short Recap Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted “Susan” to watch Rachel while he went to see Vivian. She wanted to know why he wanted to see her. He said Vivian had something to tell him. She told him that she couldn’t watch Rachel because she had something to do. Chloe saw Brady and wanted to let him know she was willing to quit. She didn’t want to make things uncomfortable. She apologized for misreading his signals. He let her know that he did have feelings for her. He wanted to deny them, but the feelings were getting stronger. She wanted to know if he wanted to be with her. He let her know that he couldn’t forget about what he had with Kristen. She understood but she felt like she should quit. Brady didn’t want her to do that and said he would work at the office.

Kristen went to see Vivian at the prison. Vivian told her that she was going to tell Brady the truth because she didn’t break up Jake and Kate’s relationship. Kristen wanted more time to make the plan work. She warned Vivian not to threaten her because she took care of the last person who threatened to expose her. Kristen left the prison so Vivian called Brady to cancel the appointment. Lucas told Sami that he wouldn’t help her with her plan. She reminded him that he owed her. She asked him to help save her marriage. He didn’t want to hurt Chloe. Sami said that he would be helping Kristen stay away from her. They went back and forth until Lucas changed his mind. He let her know that he didn’t approved of pretending to have feelings for Chloe. She didn’t see why he had to pretend since he had feelings for her before. Claire wanted to talk to Theo about Ciara. She wanted him to give her space to remember Ben. He told her that wouldn’t happen because she was leaving with him. Claire told him that she would eventually remember her life with Ben and he would get hurt. Theo knew it was a chance, but they were living for the day. He told her that he was leaving soon and wanted to say goodbye. She warned him that he was making a mistake, but he said it was his mistake to make. Ciara told Ben that she was leaving town with Theo. She didn’t want to be where people expected her to remember someone she didn’t. He understood but wanted to know why she was going with Theo. She said she liked being around him and he made her feel safe. She told him that Theo didn’t kill anyone. She admitted that she and Theo were more than friends. Ben told her they were married. Ciara let him know they weren’t together yet, but they wanted to see how things go. She told him that she was going away with Theo anyway. Ben started crying and agreed to give her space. He begged her not to leave Salem.

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