Y&R Short Recap Friday, April 23, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Nikki is upset with Victor when she walks in and sees Ashland having a heart attack, but Victor tells her not to call an ambulance until Ashland has signed the papers to sell Victor his company. Ashland tells Victor that this game isn’t over yet as he is taken to the hospital.

Summer asks Tara to persuade her husband to leave Jabot and the Abbott’s alone. Tara tells Summer that she has no influence over her husband when it comes to business but agrees to try and keep her husband away from Kyle. Kyle and Jack begin to panic as more of the Jabot factories are closed due to health and safety concerns. Kyle has an idea to shift all Jabot production to the Brash and Sassy and My Beauty factories until the Jabot factories can open again. Nikki calls Tara and tells her Ashland has had a heart attack and Tara rushes to the hospital.

Lily plans a special dinner at Society and asks Lola to make all of Billy’s favorite dishes for a romantic dinner. Nikki tells Victoria that Ashland had a heart attack and what Victor did to get Ash land’s company. Victoria goes to tell Billy the news and then heads to confront her father. Victoria decides to take Nikki’s advice and let Victor have the company so he can focus on Adam so she can run Newman Enterprises her way. Victoria tells Victor that he will no longer have any say in running Newman Enterprises because she is going to run the company alone so he can focus his attention on Adam. Tara tells Kyle she has an idea of how to keep Ashland away from Jabot. Tara also tells Kyle Ashland is having surgery to put in a pacemaker.

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