Y&R Short Recap Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Lola tries to help Nate and Elena get back together by inviting them both to lunch so they can talk. The plan backfires because Nate doesn’t trust she won’t go back to Devon if he ever wanted to reconcile with her. Victoria is angry with Victor for always putting Adam ahead of her and always protecting him. Victor tells Nikki that Adam stayed at the ranch one night and then he left. Victor also tells Nikki he doesn’t know Adam’s new location. Nikki asks Victoria to take the first step to reconcile with her father because he won’t ever change his mind about Adam. Victoria recalls a recent conversation with Victor where he told her it would be a mistake to get back together with Billy. Victoria calls Billy and leaves him a message inviting him to family game night with the kids.

Tara interrupts Kyle and Ashland’s conversation before Kyle can tell him about his affair with Tara. Tara persuades Ashland they should talk about this in private once they return home to New York. Ashland goes to his meeting with Victor where he wants Victor to raise the bid for his company. Victor refuses to do so and Ashland tells Victor that the company is no longer for sale. Ashland grabs his arm and chest and asks Victor to call for help because he thinks he is having a heart attack. Victor tells Ashland that if he wants help he will have to sign the contract to sell his company to him.

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