B&B Short Recap Friday, April 23, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope phones Liam, who is groggy and lying on Bill’s couch. She tells him that she’s worried about him and wants him to come over, so he agrees to. Brooke comes in just as Hope is speaking with Liam. Hope explains why she’s worried to her mom. She sees Liam struggling and wants to help him. At the police station, Baker and Sanchez talk about Vinny’s hit-and-run case. Baker isn’t so sure that it was random or drug-related. They talk about going over the evidence. Baker still needs to chat more with Thomas, Finn and Liam.

At home, Bill can tell that Liam didn’t sleep much. Liam still feels very guilty, despite Bill constantly nagging him to get his life back together. Bill thinks it’s a great idea for Liam to go over to see Hope. Later, Bill chats with Justin on the phone about how Liam got rid of his great car because a sheik wanted to buy it. Katie comes in, so Bill cuts it short. She wants to know if everything is OK because they haven’t seen him much lately. He says he’s just been busy helping Liam out. Meanwhile, Liam arrives at Hope’s and says hi to Brooke, who leaves. Liam, stricken with guilt, apologizes for not being around her or the kids as much lately. She tells him that she’s missed him and is worried about him. She tells him that she can forgive him and asks him to move back in. Liam is overjoyed and they kiss.

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