Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen told Chad that she was pregnant. She said Abby told her to have an abortion. He wanted to know why she was having the baby. He asked if she was having the baby despite Abby. Abby demanded that Kayla tell her if Gwen was really pregnant. Kayla said she couldn’t tell her. Abby said she could tell her. She said Gwen had an affair with her husband so she had a right to know. Ben told Claire that he tried to use Rolf’s serum to get Ciara her memory back. Theo asked Ciara why she kissed him. She said she wanted to kiss him. He told her she was married even though she doesn’t remember. She said she didn’t want to remember. Chanel told Xander that she wanted an annulment. He said he wasn’t going to go along with it. Abby told Kayla that she didn’t know how she and Chad could get past him having a baby with Gwen. Gwen told Chad that her focus changed when she found out Jack didn’t abandon him. She said having the baby was going to get in the way of letting her have a relationship with her family. He said he could tell that she was being sincere. He wanted to know why she wanted to have the baby. Kayla told Abby that she and Chad could work through this. Abby said she hated Gwen. She said she had to get control over the things she thought about Gwen. She said no one would want to be around her if she didn’t get control. Gwen told Chad that she didn’t want to see the baby when she was examined. She said she would feel the regret of the pain she caused. She said she changed her mind. She wanted to see the screen. She said she was reminded about what happened to her when she was abandoned. She said she couldn’t do the same thing to her baby. Paulina wanted Lani to talk to Chanel. Paulina was upset that Chanel wouldn’t talk to her. She tried to convince Lani to talk to her. Chanel couldn’t believe Xander wouldn’t agree to the divorce without getting money. He told her he wanted Paulina’s money. He suggested that they work together to get Paulina’s money. Ben talked to Claire about Theo getting closer to Ciara. Ciara told Theo that she didn’t want a life with Ben. She wondered how she could be with Ben after he killed three women and almost killed Will. Theo asked if Ben changed. She asked if he was on Ben’s side. Theo said he was on her side. She told him that she felt like she was robbed of being with him when he left town. She said she felt like she had him back.

Lani went to see Chanel to talk her out of being married to Xander. Claire told Ben that she asked Theo about how he felt about Ciara. Ben wanted to know what he said. She said he didn’t answer her. He said it was because Theo wanted to be with Ciara. He said he was going to stop him from being with Ciara. Claire told him not to do that. Theo asked Ciara what would happen if she remembered Ben. She asked him if he thought she was going to forget her feelings for him. Kayla suggested that Abby talk to Chad about how she felt. She said it would help her and Chad heal. Lani tried to convince Chanel not to be with Xander. Ciara told Theo that she didn’t want to hurt him. She said she didn’t want to get hurt either. She said that was why she didn’t’ want to be with Ben. She said he tried to stab her with a syringe. She said he scared her and she was done with being scared. She asked why she would want to be with Ben when Theo was always there for her and made her feel safe. He told her that she was stubborn and determined the way she was when they were little. Claire told Ben that Ciara hated her now. She said the more they pushed her the more upset Ciara gets. She said they needed to back off. He said he couldn’t do that. She said Ciara would be out of the hospital in a couple of days and would remember her life. He asked what would happen if Theo got in the way. She said she would talk to him. She told him to give Ciara space. He said he wanted to apologize to Ciara. Claire told him he was doing the right thing. Abby walked in while Chad and Gwen were talking. She said she knew Gwen was pregnant and keeping the baby. She asked Gwen if she wanted to make peace with her. She said she wanted to believe her, but she should have known that she would keep the baby and use it to remind her what she’s taken from her. Chad said that wasn’t the way it was. Chanel told Lani that she shouldn’t have married Xander. She said she had to focus on what she wanted no matter what it took. She told Lani that Xander wouldn’t divorce her without money. Lani said that was the Xander they knew and remember. Chanel said she didn’t want to crawl to her mother and ask her for money. Lani said she would talk to Paulina for her. Lani wanted to know how much money Xander wanted. Claire met with Theo so they could talk about Ciara. Ben went to see Ciara. Lani told Paulina that Xander wanted $10 million dollars to divorce Chanel. Abby told Chad that he and Jack were always defending Gwen. When Gwen started to say something, Abby told her not to. She said Gwen came to town to ruin her life. She said her plan worked. Ben told Ciara that he was going to stay away from her. He said he was going to give her time to get her memory back. He said when she did they were going to be together again. She wanted him to wait. She said she wasn’t going back to him. She said they were never going to be together again because she was leaving Salem.

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