Days Short Recap Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack went to see Steve to get his advice about getting his daughters to get along. Steve didn’t think that would ever happen. He advised Jack not to rush things between Abby and Gwen. He thought they could work things out the way the two of them did. Chad wanted answers about Gwen’s pregnancy. He wanted to know if she was really pregnant. She let him know that Gwen planned on seeing Kayla to find out for sure. She admitted that she told Gwen to have an abortion. She wanted to know if he wanted Gwen to have their child. He told her that he didn’t want a child with Gwen, but he couldn’t decide what she should do. Abby wasn’t happy with that response. She warned him that they would be destroyed if Gwen had the baby. She knew he wouldn’t abandon his child regardless of how it was conceived and Gwen knew that too. She told him that Gwen found the perfect way to ruin them. She ran off crying. Gwen went to see Kayla to find out if she was pregnant. She tried to justify what she did to Kayla. She didn’t think Abby would forgive her if she were pregnant. She let Kayla know that Abby wanted her to get an abortion. Kayla wondered if she wanted that. Gwen wasn’t sure if she did or not. She thought there was a chance she wasn’t pregnant. Kayla got a call about Gwen’s test. She told Gwen that she was pregnant. Gwen hoped that she wasn’t pregnant. Kayla told her that she was in her second trimester and wanted to do a sonogram. Gwen wanted her to hide the screen because she might not have the baby. Kayla told her that she was 15 weeks pregnant and that everything looked normal. She couldn’t tell what she was having. Gwen changed her mind and decided to look after all.

Abby arrived at the hospital after Gwen left. She saw Kayla and wanted to know if Gwen was pregnant. Gwen went to the DiMera mansion and let Chad know that she was pregnant with his child. She told him that she planned on keeping the baby. Paulina went to visit Chanel. She didn’t want to see her and slammed the door in her face. She found Xander. He thought she left. She said that he wasn’t so lucky. He told her that they were only married because he was drunk and she thought he was a CEO. He said that he wasn’t one anymore. She thought he could run any company. She didn’t think it would be that hard. He told her it wouldn’t be that easy because it was his first CEO position. He couldn’t tell what he used to do. He let her know that he didn’t have any money because he enjoyed living the good life. She said she did too so she fell in love with his credit cards. He let her know he was cut off from the cards. She thought he let her on. He said it was her scam and that it was her idea to get married. He was impressed that she did that. She refused to stay with someone who didn’t have any money. She wanted to get a divorce, but he told her that she wouldn’t get rid of him that easily. Paulina talked to Abe about Chanel. She didn’t like how she married a stranger. Abe was shocked when he found out Chanel married Xander. Abe told her about his wrongdoings. Paulina was upset when she heard about his crimes. She thought Chanel was married to the devil. He tried to make her feel better by telling her how he changed after meeting Sarah. She blamed herself for why Chanel acted the way she did. Abe thought Chanel would do the right thing.

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