Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Abby is sad that Mariah has to go on a short business trip for Jabot because she doesn’t want to miss a minute of her pregnancy. Lauren advises Sally to forget about her infatuation with Jack and move on with her life. Lola thinks Rey should fight for his marriage. Mariah is also worried about Sharon and Rey after Sharon tells her Rey plans to move out once Faith is back on her feet. Mariah and Lola try to figure out a way to help Sharon and Rey save their relationship. Tara returns to town and has a talk with Kyle and Summer because she is afraid that Ashland knows about her affair with Kyle. Summer and Tara both think Kyle should stay away from Ashland until they find out if he knows about the affair. Kyle is determined to tell Ashland he had an affair with Tara and offer to leave Jabot if Ashland will leave his family and the company alone.

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