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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire wanted to know why Jan wasn’t going to jail. She wanted to know if Jan did something to Belle. Jan told her that Belle made the deal with her in order to keep John from going to jail. Claire thought Jan should go to jail and didn’t believe Belle made the deal with her. Jan showed her the proof that Belle did make the deal with her. She said she didn’t hate Belle anymore. She also said she didn’t want to be with Shawn anymore. Jan thought she should be glad that Charlie was out of her life for good. Claire reminded her that she didn’t sign anything to keep her from going to jail. John was still under hypnosis so Marlena questioned him about what he saw. John remembered opening Charlie’s door and seeing someone in a red coat shooting him. He was in agony so Marlena asked him what he saw. He said something about camp a so she brought him out of hypnosis. John couldn’t believe he saw Charlie get murdered. She wanted to know who shot Charlie. He told her it was Belle who did it. He told her how she was wearing the red coat they gave her for Valentine’s Day. Marlena didn’t believe Belle would do it. John reminded her how she caught Charlie trying to kill Claire. He said that Belle was upset after what he did. He asked her if she remembered what Belle wore the night Charlie died. She realized Belle was wearing the red coat. John couldn’t believe Belle killed Charlie. Marlena was convinced she didn’t do it. She wanted to find Belle so they could get some answers. Jan walked in and asked why they needed answers. Jan talked to John and Marlena about the good news. They already knew about the deal Belle made with her. She knew they wanted her to go to jail. John told her to leave. She assured them that she wasn’t a threat to Belle and Shawn anymore. She said she was just with Claire and found out about Charlie. She knew they were on the same page about Charlie’s death. She figured they were happy that he was killed. Marlena let her know that they were thrilled that Belle made the deal with her. They were done talking to her, but she went back to Marlena’s office. She found her recorder and wondered what they discussed. Belle talked to Rafe and Shawn about the button from her coat. She didn’t know what happened to the button. Rafe said he had the button. He let them know that they had the button with the evidence found in his apartment. Rafe wanted to know why she was at Charlie’s apartment. She told him that she never went to Charlie’s apartment before so she didn’t know why the button was there. Trask arrived and took the coat and the button. She was surprised he solved the case so quickly. Trask wanted him to arrest Belle. Shawn said that the jacket wasn’t proof Belle did anything. He thought Trask was just trying to keep her job.

Trask informed Shawn that Belle had a restraining order against Charlie. She thought Belle still considered Charlie a threat to her daughter. Trask was convinced the case was open and shut. She asked Belle if she had an alibi for the night of the murder. Belle told her that she was at home all night. She said Shawn was with her and only left for a short time. Trask explained how Belle could have committed the crime. Belle insisted she was innocent. Trask told her that she had the opportunity to kill him. She wanted Rafe and Shawn to do their job or else. Shawn wouldn’t let Rafe arrest Belle. Trask told him that it wasn’t his decision to make. Allie went to see Claire. Claire told her about Belle making the deal with Jan. Allie wanted to give her some time to process what happened. Claire was glad that John wouldn’t go to jail. John and Marlena arrived to talk to Belle. Allie left so they were alone with Claire. They talked to her about why they wanted to see Belle. She thought they were there because of the deal Belle made with Jan. She told them Belle wasn’t home. Marlena called Shawn and he told them the news about Belle being arrested for killing Charlie. Rafe read Belle her rights. Shawn watched everything unfolding in disbelief. Jan listened to Marlena’s recording. She heard John talking about the person in the red coat shooting Charlie. There was a shot of the person shooting Charlie. The camera panned to the person wearing the red coat. It turned out to be Jan wearing the coat. She smiled to herself as she remembered shooting Charlie.

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