Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Abby came back from their therapy session. She thought talking about Gwen helped her. She did end up getting heated over him. Jack called her to talk. Abby left to see her father. Gwen showed up at the mansion after Abby left. She let Chad know that Jack called Abby because he knew what she did to her. Chad realized that Gwen was trying to get Jack to disown Abby. Gwen knew that plan wouldn’t work because of the things he did. Chad was suspicious of her and wondered what she was trying to do. Gwen said she wasn’t up to anything. She was hoping to have a relationship with her father and one day with her sister. She did say she wanted to talk to him. She said she was sorry for using him to get revenge on Abby. She didn’t think he deserved what she did to him and wanted him to forgive her. He accepted her apology. She wondered if Abby would accept her apology too. Chad wasn’t sure if she would ever forgive her.

Abby met with Jack. He let her know that he knew about what she did to Gwen. Abby defended her actions by reminding him what Gwen did to her. Jack wanted to help her get over what happened and heal with Gwen. He didn’t want to her to forgive Gwen. He just wanted her to consider making peace with Gwen. She reminded him how she killed Laura. Jack said it was an accident. He wanted her to move on with her life. Theo talked to Julie about Ciara’s hypnosis. Julie didn’t know anything, but she hoped it worked. He was afraid that her memories wouldn’t all be good. Ciara was upset when she found out Claire set the fire. Marlena tried to calm her down but she left the room. She ran into the hall and saw Claire consoling Ben. She made a remark about the killers being together. Ciara told Claire about trying to kill her. Claire tried to defend herself but she made things worse because she admitted she tried to kill her more than once. Ben tried to touch her, but she didn’t want him to touch her. He wanted to know if she remembered anything. She angrily told him that she didn’t remember anything. Claire begged her not to be mad at Ben. She wanted her to try to remember him. Ciara said she hated both of them and ran off. Marlena went back to her room and apologized to her for the way the session went. Ciara asked her not to hypnotize her again. Marlena wouldn’t do it again. Ciara asked to use her phone.

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