Days Short Recap Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben talked to Marlena in the hallway about Ciara getting hypnotized. She warned him that it might not work. She said she might not remember him. He was aware of the risk, but he had faith that she would remember their love. He said he had faith in her too. She asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital and wait until Ciara’s session was done. Claire and Theo talked about Ciara being alive. She wondered if Theo had feelings for Ciara. He said he didn’t and told her how he broke up with someone who was in Salem. Ben called Claire to tell her about Ciara just as she was about to tell Theo about the crazy girl she met. She left to meet with Ben while Theo thought about Ciara. Chanel saw Theo at the town square just as Abe walked by them. Theo introduced them to each other. Abe had to go to a meeting. Chanel found out that Theo was going back to South Africa. She thought about her mother telling her to get a job. She wondered if she could go with him and they could live together. He thought she was up to something. She said she wasn’t up to anything. Lani and Eli walked by and saw them together. Lani mentioned how they were connected to each other. She also let it slip that Paulina cut her off financially. Theo thought that was why she wanted him back in her life. He walked away from the table. Chanel was upset that she told Theo about her being cut off. She yelled at Lani before she left.

Jack talked to Julie about what happened with Sarah and Xander. She wanted to know how Xander felt about what happened. Xander walked in the room and wanted to order a drink. Julie wanted to cut him off because he was drunk. Xander tried to leave but Jack had to help him out. He walked with him to the park. Xander told him about Sarah. Xander took out the bottle he stole from Julie’s Place. He wanted Jack to leave if he wasn’t going to drink with him. Chanel saw Xander in the park. She let him know she was having bad day. He wanted her to join him for a drink. Claire met with Ben at the hospital lobby while Marlena hypnotized Ciara. Marlena talked to her about the night of the motorcycle accident. Ciara had some memories about the night. She remembered being alone and seeing the room on fire. Marlena took her out of it. Ciara got upset because she thought Ben set the fire in the cabin. Marlena assured her that it wasn’t Ben who started the fire. Ciara wanted her to tell her who set the fire. Marlena finally admitted that Claire was the one who started the fire.

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