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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate had dinner with Allie and Philip. They talked about Allie and Sami being cleared for Charlie’s murder. He wondered if Allie was relieved Charlie was dead. She wasn’t happy about it. He asked her if she wanted the person who shot him to go to jail. Allie had to check on Henry. Ava told Nicole that she was upset Rafe wouldn’t drop Charlie’s murder investigation. She told her that she didn’t want Rafe to find out that Tripp was at Charlie’s place. Nicole didn’t like the idea of lying to Rafe. Ava planned on confessing to what happened if she said anything. Nicole promised not to say anything. Allie showed up at the apartment after Ava left. She let Nicole know that she thought Tripp killed Charlie. She didn’t want to accuse him of another crime. She decided not to say anything about it until she had proof. Nicole wanted her to get proof. She thought it would be better for Tripp if he came clean about what happened. Gabi talked to Rafe about the murder investigation. Gabi believed that Ava was the one who killed Charlie. She said she saw Ava slip out the night of the murder.

Ava showed up at the house after Gabi left. Rafe wanted to know why she lied to him about the night of Charlie’s murder. She told him that she had trouble sleeping so she left. Rafe wanted to know where she went and told her not to lie to him. She confessed that she went to Charlie’s apartment. He wanted to know if she killed Charlie. She told him that she didn’t kill him. She told him everything that happened when she went there except for seeing Tripp. Rafe was sorry she had to watch her son die. She talked to him about the way she treated Charlie. Rafe wanted to know why he didn’t tell her about Charlie being dead. She said she was too upset to talk about it. He thought there was something she didn’t tell him. Gwen showed up at the Horton house to talk to Jack and Abby. Gwen started talking about what she did wrong. She apologized for everything she did. Abby thought she was a liar. She asked her why she would believe anything she said. Jack convinced Abby to apologize to Gwen. Abby gave her an insincere apology. She blamed Gwen for what she did. Abby admitted that she was wrong for trying to drug her. Jack knew it wasn’t much, but he said it was a start. Gwen held out her hand for Abby to shake it, but she just looked at it. Jack asked Abby to end the feud for her family. He didn’t want her to be consumed with revenge. Abby wanted Gwen to swear that what happened to her grandmother was an accident. Gwen hesitated before she answered. She ended up throwing up on Abby. Abby was upset and thought it was a stunt. She walked out of the house. Gwen told Jack she wasn’t trying to pull a stunt. Jack wanted to get something to help her. He thought she might have ate something that didn’t agree with her. She thought she could be pregnant. Abby went home and let Chad know what happened with Jack and Gwen. She said she would never forgive her for what she did.

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