Y&R Short Recap Thursday, April 8, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

The members of team baby Chancellor are very happy when Elena gives them the news that Mariah is pregnant. Abby misses Chance and records a video on her phone to share with Chance when he gets home. Amanda tells Naya that she will defend Sutton and try and prove he didn’t arrange the killing of her father Richard. Lauren advises Jack to talk to Sally is hiding something from both of them. Jack tells Sally he won’t judge her but he needs to know the truth about what is causing tension between her and Summer. Summer gets worried when Lauren wants to talk to her in private. Kyle thinks Ashland is playing mind games with him when Ashland calls him to say he doesn’t want to do business with Jabot. Chloe wants to get a message to Adam telling him that Connor is sick hoping to draw Adam out of hiding so the police will catch him. Sharon agrees to help Adam prove that Chelsea has recovered from her stroke. Sharon visits Chelsea to tell her Adam is nearby and she intends to do everything she can to prove his innocence so that he can come home to her soon. Chelsea later tells Chloe that she needs to follow Sharon so that can find out Adam’s location.

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