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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Jan. She wanted to know why he was there. He said he wanted to apologize. He said he wanted to talk. She wanted him to make it short. He said he wanted to explain where his head was when she told him Belle was dead. He said he lost it. She reminded him that he choked her. He said he was sorry. She said she thought he was really sorry. She said she might have provoked him. She said he wasn’t let off the hook. She said if Belle pressed charges against her, she was going to press them against him. Belle told Marlena that she didn’t think John should have gone to see Jan. Belle said John wasn’t going to hurt Jan. Marlena said John’s aneurysm was unpredictable. Belle said he had it under control. When Marlena reacted, Belle asked if he had it under control. Ava told Rafe that she was afraid Tripp killed Charlie. She told him that she was raised not to trust cops. She said she was afraid she was going to lose Tripp again. Tripp told Steve he wanted to talk to him about the night Charlie died. Lucas went to see Sami to tell her goodbye. She thought he was going somewhere. He said she was going back to EJ. She said she didn’t know what she was going to do. She said she wanted to stay in Salem a little longer. He thought it would be nice for her to spend time with Allie and Henry. Sami said she didn’t want to go back to Italy. She said she didn’t have a reason to go back. Rafe told Ava that she wasn’t handing Tripp over to the police. Ava said it felt like it. He said Tripp didn’t have to shoot Charlie just because she saw him coming out of the building. She said the timing of it made it possible. She said she saw him after she found Charlie. Rafe said Tripp was innocent until proven guilty. He said he would do whatever it took to protect him. He said Steve would too. Tripp told Steve that he went to see Charlie the night he was shot. Steve said he hoped he wasn’t telling him that he killed him. John said he didn’t apologize to Jan just so she wouldn’t press charges. She said if Belle pressed charges against her she was going to press charges against him. He said he couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t press charges. She said the conversation was over. John told Belle that Jan was going to press charges against him if Belle pressed charges against her. Belle said she was going to make a deal with Jan. Marlena said there was no guarantee that Jan would go through with it. He said he wasn’t going to let her get away with what she did. Sami told Lucas that she didn’t think EJ would be EJ again. Rafe and Ava went to Steve and Kayla place to see Tripp. Steve and Tripp came home when they were there. Ava told Tripp that she told Rafe what happened. Tripp said he knew she did it to protect him.

Tripp implied to Ava that she killed Charlie. Ava said she didn’t kill Charlie. She said she told Rafe that she saw him leave the building. Sami told Lucas that things changed between her and EJ. She said she shouldn’t be telling him about it. He said he was on her side. She said the pain has been hard on EJ. She said she understood what he was going through, but it felt as if he was mad at her. She said it wasn’t the pain. She said there was something twisted up inside of him. Lucas told her that she has done everything she could to help EJ. She said that wasn’t true. He said she did everything she could to help her. John told Belle to call Shawn and press charges against Jan. He said he wanted charges pressed against Jan. He wanted a picture of her mug shot. Belle went to see Jan. Jan asked Belle if she thought John’s apology would be his get out of jail free card. Belle said he only did what anyone who ever met her wanted to do. Belle told her that she wouldn’t press charges against her if she didn’t press charges against her father. Ava told Tripp that she saw him leave Charlie’s building. She said she thought he did it. Tripp said he went to see him. He said Charlie didn’t answer him. He said he didn’t shoot him. Rafe was upset that everyone lied about what happened. He said if they didn’t lie they could have found out who killed Charlie. Jan asked Belle if John was okay with her decision. Belle said it was her decision. Belle gave Jan a contract to sign saying she wouldn’t press charges against her and Jan wouldn’t press charges against John. Sami told Lucas that no one understood EJ the way she did. She said EJ didn’t want to touch her anymore. She said she had to come to terms with the fact that she was never going to be loved again. Lucas told her she was a wonderful woman. They ended up kissing each other.

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