Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle is stunned when Ashland asks him if he slept with Tara. Kyle laughs and tells Ashland that the accusation must be a joke and Ashland tells Kyle that he suspected that he slept with Tara but he passed the test and he doesn’t think he slept with Tara. Ashland later calls someone and asks them to get him Jabot’s financials and find out the company’s weak spots. Lauren has a talk with Sally and wants to know why she and Summer are still having problems. Sally admits that she found out some damaging information about Summer and used it to blackmail her. Sally also tells Lauren Summer went to Los Angeles to find out damaging information about her so she could have leverage over her. Sally later confronts Summer and tells her she won’t forget she broke their truce.

Billy talks with Lily and Jack and decides to turn down Victoria’s offer to become partners and buy Ashland Locke’s media company. Billy doesn’t want to ruin his relationship with Lily who is more important to him than any business deal. Adam tells Sharon that he thinks Chelsea framed him for poisoning Rey and that Chloe helped her with her plan. Adam asks Sharon to help him prove he is being framed but Sharon doesn’t believe him. Chelsea thinks her plan worked and Adam has left the country. Chloe thinks that Adam knows what Chelsea did and is hiding close by planning his next move. Chloe thinks that they must get rid of Adam before he gets rid of them.

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