Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Faith and Moses talk about why she is in the hospital and Moses tells Faith he was bullied when he was younger too. Faith talks to Nikki who tells her what to expect when she goes to rehab. Nick also tells Faith that when she comes home she will go to school, to rehab on nights and weekends, and to her therapist appointments, after school and that is all. Lily tells Victoria to stop playing games with Billy and makes it clear that the Billy and Victoria love story is over for good. Billy tells Victor that Victoria wanted to partner with Chancellor Communications to steal his new media company from him. Victor tells Victoria that if she decides she wants Billy she will not be CEO of Newman Enterprises anymore. Billy and Lily are upset that Victor is stealing Chancellor Communications employees away for his new company. Billy tells Ashland Locke that Victor only wants his company so he can destroy Chancellor Communications and if he wants to save his company, he shouldn’t sell it to Victor. Sharon has had enough of both Nick and Rey getting on her case about Adam.
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