Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 5, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Rey told Sharon and Nick that Faith would probably have to go to court and would likely be fined, given community service and mandatory rehab for the accident. They were okay with that. Sharon feigned surprise when Rey told her that Adam was the Good Samaritan. Adam texted Sharon, and she lied to Rey and said it was Crimson Lights. Sharon wanted to go back to therapy after things calmed down, and Rey agreed. Nick told Victor and Faith that Adam was the Good Samaritan. Faith wasn’t sure how to feel and wondered if she should thank Adam. Nick said no, because he was a dangerous person who tried to kill Rey. Lauren asked Phyllis why she thought Sally was a threat. Phyllis wouldn’t provide any concrete information. Lauren believed something happened between Sally and Summer, so she set up a meeting with Sally. Summer unsuccessfully tried to talk Kyle out of meeting with Ashland. Summer confided her fears in Phyllis. Phyllis said to trust Jack to handle Ashland. Kyle dropped in on Ashland’s meeting with Jack, and Jack felt he had no option but to leave them together. Ashland asked Kyle if he remembered sleeping with Tara. Sutton Ames, Amanda’s grandfather dropped in on her. He denied making Naya give up her girls, but he was unrepentant about advising Naya to do so. After looking over the material from Sutton’s legal team, she didn’t believe he killed her father, but she did blame him for the lonely life she had, separated from her sister. He thought it would be persuasive to the jury to have her on his legal team. She said that if she took the case, he couldn’t tell anyone about their relationship. He agreed to this condition. He revealed that he’d kept tabs on her and Hilary for their whole lives because he wanted to make sure they were alright. He was proud of her and Hilary’s accomplishments. He wanted her to take his case. He said he could open a door to a new world for her, and she could take her rightful place as a member of a powerful family. Devon introduced Amanda to Moses, and she told him about her grandfather. She was thinking about taking the case. Sharon thanked Adam for saving Faith, and she let him know that everyone was aware that he was the Good Samaritan. She said she’d never forgive him if he poisoned Rey. He said he didn’t, and he was sure she knew that deep down.

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