Days Short Recap Monday, April 5, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John told Marlena that he heard a gun the night Charlie died. John told her that he was on his way to confront Charlie and then he had a pain in his head. Marlena said he could have heard it in his car. John said the gun wouldn’t have been that loud. He said he probably went to his apartment to blow him away. Belle and Shawn were worried about Jan and what she was going to do to them. Shawn assured Belle that Jan wasn’t going to beat them. Tripp told Allie that he went to see Charlie the night he died. Ava told Nicole that she went to see Charlie. John told Marlena that Sami and Allie to kill Charlie. He asked what if it were him. Marlena didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. He said he was angry and wanted to put a cap in him. While he was talking, Belle showed up. He said they heard Jan was awake. Belle said Jan was going to press charges against John if Shawn arrested her. Allie asked Tripp what he did. Sami went to see Allie. Ava told Nicole that Tripp was at Charlie’s apartment. Nicole said they had to tell that Sami didn’t kill Charlie. Rafe walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about. Rafe told them that the autopsy report said Charlie was killed while Sami was on a plane. Nicole said the killer was still out there. Ava asked if there were any suspects. Allie told Sami that she was glad that she was out. Sami noticed Tripp in the apartment. Sami apologized for what he went through being accused of rape. Tripp said it was okay. John told Belle and Marlena they would deal with Jan. While they were talking, Ben showed up and asked Marlena if he heard from Ciara. Marlena said she didn’t. Ben told her he did.

Shawn went to see Ciara. She asked if he found Hope. He said he didn’t. She wanted to know where she was. He said she left to look for her. He said wherever Hope was she probably didn’t have service. Ciara said Julie told her he left town to look for Hope. She wanted to know why he was back. He said he had to take care of something and then he would continue looking for her. She said she missed her. She told him that Ben brought her different things so she could remember the life they had together. Shawn asked if it worked. She said she didn’t remember anything with Ben and she didn’t want to. Ben told Marlena that he gave Ciara things to remember their relationship. He said he left the book with her and he remembered when he found Ciara. He said he felt his connection with her and thought she felt it too. He said he thought Ciara would have called her. Marlena said she didn’t. Belle told John that the police dropped the charges against Sami. John wanted to know if there were any suspects. Sami told Allie that Rafe told her the autopsy report showed that she wasn’t in town when Charlie was shot. They realized someone else was there by the time they showed up. Ava begged Nicole not to tell Rafe what she told her about Tripp. She said her life and Tripp’s life would be destroyed. Sami asked Allie and Tripp if they knew who could have killed Charlie. Henry started crying. Sami went to check on him. Allie wanted Tripp to tell her what happened at Charlie’s. She asked him to tell her that he didn’t kill him. Belle told John that she wished Jan stayed in a coma. Belle was worried that Jan would try to bond with Claire again. Shawn told Ciara that Ben practically killed himself trying to find her. He said Ben was determined to find her when other people weren’t sure she was alive. She said he did one right thing. She said he killed three women. Shawn said he changed. She said everyone kept saying that. He suggested that she talk to Marlena. Ciara said she did. She said Marlena told her to get hypnotized. He wanted to know what she said.

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