Days Short Recap Friday, April 2, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn was ready to arrest Jan for kidnapping Belle. Dr. Snyder let them know that Jan was awake. Shawn wanted to talk to Jan so he showed the doctor his badge. The doctor allowed it so Belle wanted to go with Shawn. They talked to her about kidnapping Belle. She said she didn’t remember how long she was in the hospital. They told her what she did. She said she didn’t remember any of it. They continued to remind her what she did. Jan remembered John strangling her. She warned them that John would go down if she went down. Marlena talked to John about Jan waking up. He was upset because of what she did to Belle. He remembered how he strangled her so he could watch her die. She tried to calm him down so they changed the subject. He started going off about Charlie. He admitted that he went to Charlie’s place the night he was killed. He wanted to go off on him for what he did to Allie and Claire. Marlena was glad he blacked out before he went in the apartment. John wasn’t sure if he went inside because he heard a shot.

Nicole showed up just as Tripp was about to talk to Anna about the night Charlie was killed. Trip left to check on Allie and Henry. Nicole apologized to Ava for accusing her of killing her son. She admitted she went to Charlie’s place the night he was killed. She saw him on the floor when she walked in the apartment. She admitted he was still alive when she saw him. She said she held him in her lap and he said he loved her. He pleaded with her to say it back to him. She said she loved him. She said he died just as she told him how she felt. She didn’t tell anyone because she saw Tripp leave the apartment before she went inside. Tripp went to see Allie and she told him how her mother was still being charged with Charlie’s murder. She heard Henry crying but couldn’t make him stop. She felt like a bad mother. He assured her that she was a good mother. She couldn’t believe he was being nice to her after what she did to her. He said everything was Charlie’s fault. He felt bad that he was given love, but his brother didn’t get it. Rafe told Sami that Trask wasn’t going to drop the charges against her. Sami demanded Rafe find out who really killed Charlie. He said he was trying, but Trask was making it hard by watching over his shoulder. Sami admitted she was scared. Rafe thought she should be, but he was going to prove that she’s innocent. She thanked him for what he did for her. He opened the file and checked out the evidence. He found out that Charlie died while she was on the plane. Rafe let Trask know about the evidence and the charges would be dropped against Sami.

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