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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

This is an April Fool’s Day episode. Xander was dressed as a priest and ran into Chloe at the town square. She was dressed as ghoul girl. She said it was her persona. In this special, Chloe is a pop star. He was about to tell her why he was dressed as a priest when Bonnie arrived dressed as a nun. He let her know they had work to do and went to the Salem Inn. Xander and Bonnie went to the Salem Inn and started making out with each other. He was tired of role playing, but she was ready for more. He wanted them to be themselves, but she wasn’t interested. He remembered how she made him feel better after what happened with Sarah. In the next fantasy, Sami approached John while he was strapped to a table. He was prepared to be executed. She had a syringe in her hand and he told her that he needed an executioner. She told him she went after the job the second she heard he was on death row. He was sentenced to death for killing Marlena. He told her that he didn’t remember what happened. In the next fantasy, Belle and Philip were a couple. They snuggled together when Claire arrived. Belle told them that she felt good about John getting a stay of execution. She wanted to see John. Philip wanted to make breakfast for his daughter. They recently discovered that he was her father. He wanted to know about the tour she went on with Chloe. She didn’t like being an assistant. Chloe said she would let her sing on the next album, but she wouldn’t do it. Claire asked him to pull some strings for her since he’s Chloe’s producer.

In the next scene, Claire asked Chloe about getting studio time with her. Chloe wanted her to get her something to drink leaving her alone with Philip. She tried to flirt with him, but he reminded her that he was married. Chloe wanted to feel the way she did in high school. He wanted that too and kissed her. Belle arrived at the prison and she found out that John’s stay was denied. John regretted not getting Carrie to represent him. Sami was about to inject John when Marlena ran up to the glass. She said the person he killed was Hattie. She said she tried to take over her life again. Sami said he still killed someone. John said it was only Hattie. Sami freed John. She was upset that she didn’t get to kill him so she stabbed Belle. In the next fantasy, Jan woke up and Shawn was in her room. He told her that she was in a coma for a year. He wanted her to tell him what happened to her. She let him know that John went nuts at their wedding and attacked her. He said John’s fate was sealed and that he wasn’t with Belle anymore. Jan felt he deserved better than Belle. She told him about the things she did for love. She grabbed his hand and he jumped up. She wanted him to stay. Claire arrived to see Jan. Shawn left them alone. She wanted to talk to Jan about Chloe. Jan gave her advice about what to do about Chloe. Claire left and Shawn returned wearing his baseball uniform. He realized she was right about the way she loved him. He admitted he had feelings for her and thought they should try to be together. Claire went to the townhouse and saw Chloe with Philip. She gave Chloe some coffee and it killed her. She changed into ghoul girl too. Philip was going to make her a star. In the next fantasy, Kayla was pregnant and Steve was taking care of her. She wasn’t happy about carrying Stefano’s essence, but she couldn’t get rid of the baby. Her water broke so she let Steve know the baby was coming. She ended up giving birth, but the baby was born with a goatee. Steve went to get some food for the baby, but Kayla said the baby ran away. They looked all over the DiMera mansion for the baby. They faced the camera and yelled “April Fools Day”. The fantasies ended and Shawn met Belle at the hospital. She told him that Jan was coming out of her coma. Jan opened her eyes.

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