Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack talked to Jennifer about what Abby did to Gwen. He didn’t talk to Abby yet, but he found it hard to believe she would hurt Gwen. Jennifer understood why Abby would want to hurt her after what she did to the family. He was concerned about Abby’s reaction when he let her know that he couldn’t turn his back on Gwen. Jennifer let Jack know that Gwen wasn’t her favorite person, but she believed they would get through the drama together. Gwen ran into Claire and was happy to see her. Unfortunately, Claire wasn’t happy to see her. She let Gwen know that she heard about what she did to Abby. She told Claire how Abby tried to drug her too. Claire thought she used her to go after her family. She let her know that she didn’t realize they were family when she went after Abby. Gwen considered her a friend. She was about to leave when Claire stopped her. Claire realized she wasn’t in a position to judge her. Gwen wanted to know if they were still friends. Claire was willing to be her friend as long as she didn’t hurt Abby again. She told her that she had the same arrangement with Jack.

Paulina went to see Lani. She thanked her for naming her the godmother of Jules. Lani told her that she wasn’t who they had in mind for Jules’ godmother. Paulina assumed they were going to ask her mother to do it. Paulina was fine with that decision. She left before Lani could tell her the truth. Abby went to Gabi’s room to ask her for her help with Gwen. Gabi refused to help her. Abby promised to help her get Jake. She told Abby that Jake made his decision on who he wanted. She decided to move on with her life. Abby continued to persuade her to help her go after Gwen. Gabi warned her that she would lose everything if she didn’t stop going after Gwen. Gabi knew about getting revenge, but it made her feel empty. She advised Abby to think about her kids. She refused to help her and wanted her to leave her room.  Chad ran into Jake. He warned him not to hurt Kate or he would have to answer to him. Jake realized how protective he was of Kate. He told him how she was like a mother to him. He let him know how she was the one who told him about Stefano being his biological father. Jake said he needed to climb down from his high horse especially after the way he betrayed Abby. Chad knew what he did to Abby and said they were going to therapy. He was hopeful about her moving back in the mansion, but he thought she had another reason to do it.

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