B&B Short Recap Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

At home, Hope talks about Douglas, but Brooke can tell something is bothering her. Hope says she loves Liam, but she’s having trouble getting past the fact that he slept with Steffy — and also that he told Steffy he loved her. Brooke thinks she shouldn’t let it get in their way. Hope complains about how Liam jumped into bed with Steffy at a moment’s notice. Brooke urges her to forgive Liam; she talks about forgiveness and pride before she leaves. Meanwhile, at Spencer, Bill tries to talk to Liam about work, but Liam is just focused on Hope. He’s very upset that he betrayed her. Bill tries to cheer him up, but it doesn’t work. Liam confides that Hope is having trouble with the fact that he told Steffy that he loved her. Bill advises him to make sure he keeps family together, whatever it takes. Liam agrees with him, saying that he can’t imagine life without Hope. Hope calls Liam to ask him to come home so they can talk. Bill thinks that’s a good sign, but Liam isn’t sure. Liam goes home to Hope, who says they need to talk. He apologizes again for betraying her. She knows he’s sorry but tells him how much it hurt her that he thought she kissed Thomas and that he turned to Steffy. She wants to forgive him because she loves him and their family. However, she can’t get that night out of her head and can’t move on. She thinks they need to figure out how they can move on for their future. Liam looks worried.

At Forrester, Ridge and Thomas talk about Thomas’ designs for Hope for the Future. Ridge wants to make sure that Thomas isn’t still interested in Hope as well. Thomas assures him that he’s acting the way he should. Ridge still worries about him and tells him that he’s there for him. Thomas just feels bad for the pain he caused Hope because of his brain injury. Ridge points out that Liam and Hope could split up because of their current troubles. Thomas says that regardless of what happens with them, he just wants Hope to be happy. He’s very grateful for how she’s co-parented Douglas. Ridge agrees and points out again that Thomas and Hope can’t be together because she’s married to Liam. Thomas isn’t holding out any idea that he and Hope will ever be together. He just loves her.

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