Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe and Eli told Lani that she should tell Paulina the truth about not being the godmother. Lani didn’t want to do it. Abe said she needed to know. Abe and Eli said Julie was hurt, but she took it well. Abe said Paulina told him about there not being any black-owned businesses in Salem. Valerie told Paulina that Julie expected to be the godmother. Paulina said Julie had enough. Valerie said Julie was and Eli were close so he wanted her to be the godmother. Paulina thought she should still be the godmother. Claire talked to Theo about Ciara only remembering what happened when she was with Tripp. Julie and Doug went to see Ciara. Ciara wanted to know why Ben said they loved each other. Julie and Doug told her that Ben got medication. Ciara wanted to know why Ben was saying that they loved each other. When Doug started to tell her, Julie stopped him. Ciara wanted to know what Kayla said. Ben talked to Jake about Ciara not remembering him. Ben was worried that Ciara may never get her memory back. Jake said she would get it back. He said he had a way to get her memory back.

Valerie told Paulina that Lani didn’t want her to be the godmother. Paulina didn’t believe it at first, but was disappointed when she did. Paulina said Lani meant so much to her. She said she was wrong about Lani. Valerie wanted to go to the christening together, but Paulina didn’t want to go. She said it would be too humiliating. Valerie said Eli and Lani wanted her there. Paulina said she had to move things around to be there. She told Valerie that she didn’t want to go. Ciara wanted to know what Doug and Julie were keeping from her. Julie said Kayla told them that they shouldn’t talk about anything that was upsetting. Julie said Ben’s background was upsetting. Doug said he was reformed. Julie said it was still upsetting. Jake suggested that they use Dr. Rolf’s drug to get Ciara’s memory back. Ben didn’t want to use the drug because it didn’t work for him. Jake said he didn’t have amnesia. He told Ben not to give up on Ciara. Ben said Kayla told him not to stress out Ciara. Jake didn’t care what Kayla said. He said he was what Ciara needed. Doug wanted to tell Ciara the truth about Ben, but Julie didn’t want to stress her out. Jake told Ben that he had a right to see Ciara. Ben said he wasn’t going to pressure her. Jake told Ben to fight for her. Theo went to see Ciara. Valerie told Lani that Paulina took the news harder than she thought. She said Paulina wasn’t going to the christening. Lani wanted to call her. Valerie told her not to call her yet because she was humiliated about not being the godmother. Ciara talked to Theo about Claire almost sleeping with Tripp.

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