Days Short Recap Thursday, March 11, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara wondered how she was going to warn Ben about Evan. Shawn and Ben talked about catching Evan. Claire begged Evan not to hurt her. He decided to kill Claire. She realized that he couldn’t kill Ciara so he would kill Ben. Claire realized Evan had Ciara. Ben told Shawn that he was able hear Ciara calling out to him. Kristen apologized to Chloe for blaming her for Brady’s shooting. Chloe forgave her so Kristen hugged her. Kristen spotted a letter opener on the table. She thought about stabbing Chloe, but she didn’t do it. Kristen tied to fish for info from Chloe about Brady. Claire realized that Ciara was behind a glass wall. Evan planned on killing Ben. She thought he was going to kill her too. She wanted to know what he wanted because she would get money from Victor. He said his father wanted money, but he had a different reason. He wanted to get revenge because Ciara was the reason he lost everything. Ciara prayed that Ben would be okay. She tried to get the pipe loose and finally did it. Kristen tried to get Chloe to admit that she was interested in Brady. She wanted Chloe to badmouth Kristen, but she wouldn’t do it. She only told her they were friends. She said there was nothing going on between them. Kristen wondered if she turned Philip down because she was into Brady. Chloe admitted she and Brady were good together at one time. She thought there might be a chance for them. Kristen picked up the letter opener.

Claire told Evan that Ciara hated her. She told him how she tried to set her on fire. He didn’t believe her so he kept the gun pointed at her. She told her to ask anyone. She said Ciara would throw a party if he killed her. Shawn and Ben burst in the room and demanded Evan drop the gun. He grabbed Claire and used her as a shield. Shawn warned him the cops would be there. Evan didn’t believe him. He said he could kill all of Ciara’s loved ones. Ciara pulled the pipe and used it to break the door. She couldn’t break the glass. She realized it was a gas pipe so she kept trying to break the glass. Ciara started to get weak from the glass. Evan demanded Shawn toss him the gun. He wanted to know which one he should killl first. Chloe told Kristen that Brady didn’t return any feelings for her. Kristen put the letter opener down. Brady wanted Chloe to go out with her to eat. Chloe told Kristen that Brady and Rachel would be better off without her. Kristen asked her if she was fine being the other woman. She didn’t see herself as the other woman. Ben and Shawn begged Evan not to kill Claire. Shawn lunged towards Evan and they fought over the gun. There was a gunshot and Ciara thought it was Ben. Ciara wasn’t sure if she heard a gunshot or not. She was worried that Ben was shot. Shawn was shot in the struggle. Ben got the gun and demanded that Evan take him to Ciara. Claire thought he was going to lie. Ben thought he wasn’t going to lie to him. Kristen was determined to make Chloe pay for going after Brady.

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