B&B Short Recap Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

With the help of Donna and Katie, Flo pleads her case to Brooke (at Brooke’s house). She asks for forgiveness. Brooke eventually agrees to try to forgive her, since she’s family. Katie lets Flo know that all of this was Wyatt’s idea. After Flo leaves, Brooke and Donna try to convince Katie to forgive Bill. She’s still not sure that she can trust him.

At Spencer, Shauna wonders if Wyatt was the one who went to Katie about Flo. He doesn’t answer at first. Bill wonders what’s going on, so they tell him. Bill credits Wyatt for Flo turning her life around. Flo and Shauna thank Wyatt for what he did. Later, Bill begs Katie to spend some time with him, and she agrees.

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