B&B Short Recap Thursday, March 11, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Thomas, Finn and Vinny are in Vinny’s lab. Vinny is on the floor, having been punched by Finn. Finn demands to know the truth, so Vinny finally confesses that Finn (not Liam) is Steffy’s babydaddy. Vinny freaks out about the possibility of going to jail and runs out. Finn is overjoyed. Meanwhile, Ridge and Steffy are at Forrester. She tells her dad that she’s taking Kelly and moving to Paris to spare Finn the pain of having to help raise Liam’s child. Ridge tries to talk her out of it, but he can’t. He tells her that he loves and supports her. Ridge is still there, worried about Steffy, when Finn runs in, looking for her. Ridge tells him where Steffy went, to Finn rushes off to stop her from leaving. Ridge smiles. Meanwhile, Steffy is packing at home. She thinks about times with Finn. She goes outside to look at the waves. Finn comes rushing up and tells her that she doesn’t have to leave and that they’re going to have an amazing life together.

Brooke and Hope sit in Brooke’s house, discussing Hope’s marriage. Liam comes in, so he joins in the discussion. Hope just can’t get over the fact that Steffy is carrying Liam’s child. Alone with Liam, she admits that she wants them to stay together, which he’s happy to hear. He says that’s enough for now. Later, in their cabin, Hope is having flashbacks to some of the recent scenes where she and Liam are fighting about the baby. Thomas rushes in to tell her that he has good news.

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