Days Short Recap Wednesday March 3, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer wished she was there for Jack. He hoped Gwen and Abby got along better. Jennifer thought it would happen eventually. Abby went to see Gwen but Gabi opened the door. She let her know their plan worked. Gwen was passed out on the bed. Chad went to Jack’s place to see Abby. Abby and Gabi talked about drugging Gwen. Abby reminded her how she had practice drugging her before. Gabi didn’t think she was being too grateful considering she was willing to help her. Steve and Kayla weren’t happy about seeing Justin with Bonnie. Steve didn’t want to eat with her. Bonnie got the hint and left the table. Abby took Gwen’s glass. Gabi told her they had to move her body before anyone saw them. Abby seemed to have an attitude with Gabi. Gabi told her how she had to do some heavy lifting in their plan. Jack talked to Chad about Gwen suffering and how Abby was upset. Chad defended Abby to him. Jack wanted to think about what was going on with Gwen. Jack told him what happened when he talked to Gwen. Chad wasn’t thrilled with the fact that Jack defended Gwen’s bad life. Jack agreed that Gwen was wrong, but he wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Abby and Gabi put Gwen in the laundry basket. They had a little bit of time before Gwen would wake up. Chad understood why Abby went ballistic about Gwen. He couldn’t believe Jack expected Abby to get along with Gwen after everything she’s done. Jack was trying to protect Abby and keep her from going over the edge. Abby and Gabi were trying to get rid of Gwen’s body when Bonnie saw them.

Steve let Justin know he wasn’t going to be friends with Bonnie. He didn’t like what Bonnie did to Adrienne. Bonnie was surprised the DiMeras didn’t have people do laundry for Abby and Gabi. Gabi said it wasn’t laundry. Bonnie asked them if it was a body. Steve apologized to Justin for the way he spoke to him about Bonnie. He didn’t understand how he could be with Bonnie after what she did. Justin said no one in the town is giving her a chance to prove she changed. Abby tried to laugh off Bonnie’s accusations. She and Gabi were trying to make excuses for what they were doing. Gabi said they wanted to say goodnight to their kids. Bonnie reminded her how her daughter was in Phoenix. Jack wanted to know what would happen to his daughter if he turned his back on her. Chad wanted to know what was supposed to happen to Abby because of Gwen. He blamed Gwen for destroying his marriage. He didn’t want him to end up like him. Gabi and Abby lied about having clothes for Gabi Chic. Bonnie didn’t believe them. She knew they weren’t frineds and didn’t seem like they were talking like friends. Abby had to admit that they weren’t friends. They told her they were working together. Kayla tried to reason with Steve about Justin dating Bonnie. She told him how he sacrificed his happiness in Bonnie. She thought it was the least they could do was have dinner with him and Bonnie. Steve apologized to Justin. Abby and Gabi took Gwen to the tunnel in the mansion. Chad saw Abby come out of the passageway.

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