Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Nick tells Faith that with Lola’s help, they figured out who took the picture of Adam and Sharon kissing. Nick tells Faith that he reported the girl to the dean of Walnut Grove since the girl is a student there. Faith has an honest talk with Nick and Sharon and tells them that Jordan did push her to make bad decisions. Faith gives Nick the names of her bullies. Sharon and Rey have a long talk about going to marriage counseling and at first Sharon wants to wait until Faith’s situation is resolved but later tells Rey she is ready to go to counseling. Summer asks Phyllis to help her figure out the code to Kyle’s cell phone, but Phyllis advises her to ask Kyle to tell her the secret he is hiding from her. Summer asks Kyle to tell her the truth and Kyle tells her that he is the father of Tara’s son. Tara calls Kyle to tell him that she and her husband will be going to Genoa City on business. Chelsea continues to get more movement in her hand and she starts to slowly move her wheelchair while she thinks about shooting Adam once she has recovered from her stroke. Victor tells Adam he intends to buy a media company which will be separate from Newman Enterprises and he offers Adam the job of CEO and tells Adam that he will report only to him. Adam tells Victor that he will think about the offer.

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