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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe wanted Sami to tell him if she killed Charlie. She said they had that conversation already. He reminded her that he found her in Charlie’s apartment with him dead on the floor. She wouldn’t answer him. He left to check on the forensics report. She called Belle and asked for her help. Belle wanted to know why she should help her. Sami said lives were at stake. Sarah told John and Marlena that there were no signs to explain why he passed out. She wanted to know if something happened to cause it. Marlena started to tell her, but John cut her off. Sarah said she wanted him to stay at the hospital a little longer. Ben sent Marlena a text saying he needed to see her. Evan told Ciara that Ben died in a motorcycle accident. Ciara didn’t believe that Ben was dead. Evan said Ben thought she was dead and decided to join her. She wanted him to let him know if she wanted a dagger before he left. Orpheus told Clyde not to sneak up on him. Clyde called him out for calling Evan. Clyde wanted to know if he had something to do with where Ciara was. Belle went to see Sami at the police station. Sami was glad she came. Belle wanted to know what was going on. Sami told her she was accused of killing Charlie. Belle was shocked that Charlie was dead. Sami said she thought she would have heard about it. Belle wanted to know what happened. Sami said Charlie was shot to death. Belle wanted to know why she was there. Sami said she needed a lawyer. Belle wanted to know why Rafe brought her there. Sami said she was in Charlie’s apartment when he was dead. Belle asked if she killed him. Roman went to see John. John told him that he lost it when he heard what Charlie did to Claire. He said he went to see Charlie. Roman said he hoped he gave him a hard time. John said he didn’t know what he did because that was when he blocked out in his car. Clyde attacked Orpheus and took his phone. Ben told Marlena about the book he took to Susan. He said he wanted Susan to see if she could get a vibe from it, but she didn’t. He asked Marlena if she could hypnotize him so he could find Ciara.

Ben told Marlena that he helped him before and could help him find Ciara. Marlena said she wouldn’t have been able to do it because he has never been there. He said he was there. He said he felt the glass. She said she wanted to help him. He told her to do it. He said he knew that Ciara was out there and needed his help. He asked her to at least try. She agreed to hypnotize him. Allie told Rafe that he wanted to see Sami. He told her that she was arrested for killing Charlie. He apologized to her for what happened. Allie said he shouldn’t be sorry for what happened to Charlie. She said he deserved what he got. Belle wanted to know if Sami killed Charlie. Sami didn’t want to answer her. When Belle was ready to leave when Sami wouldn’t answer her. Sami agreed to answer her questions. Belle asked her why she was at Charlie’s place. Sami said Lucas told her that Charlie got off for what he did. She said she wasn’t going to let him get away with what he did. Belle asked if she killed Charlie. Roman told John that Charlie was dead. John was surprised. Sami asked Belle if she thought she could shoot someone. Belle said she shot people before. Sami said she had to do it in the past. Belle reminded her about the things she did in order to get custody of her grandson. She also reminded her that Jan could have killed her. Sami apologized to her. She said she did it because she loved her children. Belle believed her. Belle said she could see Sami wanting to make Charlie pay for what he did to her daughter. She asked Sami if she killed Charlie. Sami said she didn’t kill him. She said he was dead when she got there. Belle asked if she touched the gun. Sami said she didn’t. Belle said she better not be lying. Sami said she wasn’t. Belle wanted to know what else she did. Belle asked if she touched the gun. Sami said she didn’t. Sami said she was innocent. Belle thought she didn’t need her help if she was innocent. Sami said she needed her help. Allie demanded that Rafe let Sami go. He understood how she felt. When he referred to Charlie as the victim, Allie said she, Ava and Claire were the victims. Marlena asked Ben questions about the room he saw. He told her what he saw. She asked what he saw. He said he saw another book. He said Ciara was on the bed. He said she looked sad. He said he needed to find her. Clyde called Evan and lied about who he was. Clyde wanted him to tell him what he was planning to do with Ciara. Rafe told Allie that he loved her and Sami and was going to do whatever he could to help her. Allie wanted to see Sami, but he thought she should let her talk to Belle. Sami asked Belle to help her for her kids. She said she would owe her for the rest of her life. Belle told her not to make her regret it. Rafe came in while they were hugging. Belle told him to release Sami since he didn’t have any evidence against her. He said he did. Evan didn’t believe that Clyde was in on the plan. Evan said he wasn’t going to go along with Orpheus’ plan to ransom Ciara off. He said he wanted to make her pay. Clyde called Ben to tell him about Ciara. Belle wanted Rafe to tell her what evidence he had. He said Sami’s prints were on the gun.

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