Y&R Short Recap Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Devon and Elena admit to each other that they have been unable to stop thinking about the night they spent together. Devon tells Elena that he is confused about his feelings since he thinks his relationship with Amanda could be really special. Elena has a talk with Nate and tells him he is a wonderful man but she has never stopped loving Devon. Sally gives Jack a jacket and later they have dinner at Jack’s house. Kyle tells Sally to stay away from his father because he doesn’t want him hurt again by a woman like her. Lauren tells Jack that Phyllis is worried about his relationship with Sally. Jack tells Phyllis she shouldn’t have invaded Sally’s privacy. Jack also tells Phyllis he can take care of himself. Abby has a long discussion with the baby Chancellor crew and she decides to ask Mariah and Tessa to move into the Chancellor mansion so she can experience every part of Mariah’s pregnancy with her. Kyle tells Summer about his son with Tara Locke and Summer takes some time to think and later tells Kyle they will face whatever comes together.

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