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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe asked Ava where she was last night. Marlena told John that he left last night. Ben went to see Claire to tell her he had a strange dream. Ciara told Evan that Ben was looking for her and was going to find her. Evan said Ben thought she was dead. She said he didn’t. She said she called Ben. Evan said she didn’t have a phone. She said Rhodes did and she called Ben. Evan said Ben didn’t know where she was. He wanted to know what Ben said. She said there was a bad connection. She said he heard her voice and he was looking for her. Marlena told John she was worried when he left. She said she thought he had another episode. She was ready to call the police. She said he came back as if nothing happened. She said they were going to talk about what happened. Ava told Rafe that she got up early to get food. She asked where he thought she was. He said he thought she went to see Charlie. He said he thought she might have taken matters into her own hands. Ava told Rafe that she felt responsible for Charlie’s behavior. Rafe wanted to know why. She said he grew up without love. She said she loved Tripp. She said Tripp was taken from her. She said her father replaced him with another man. She said her father thought everything was better because she had a new man and a baby. She said losing Tripp and Steve was hard. She said she didn’t feel anything when Charlie was born. She asked what kind of a mother didn’t love her own child. John apologized to Marlena for walking out the way he did. She wanted to know what was wrong with him. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about Charlie. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about him trying to be the victim after what he did to his granddaughter. He said he couldn’t stop driving until he ended up at Charlie’s apartment. Ben told Claire that his dream seemed real. Claire said he and Ciara could have been sharing the same dream again. He said he thought it might be after what he and Shawn found out. Orpheus called Evan to find out what happened. Evan told him that Rhodes was dead. Orpheus asked about Ciara. Evan said she was warming up to him.

Orpheus told Evan that he wanted pictures of Ciara and text them to him. Evan wanted to know why. Orpheus wanted proof of life. Evan wanted to know why he needed proof. Orpheus said he was blackmailing Victor. He said he needed proof that Ciara was alive in order to get Victor to get him out of there. Evan didn’t know about texting the pictures. Orpheus told him he couldn’t go to the prison and bring them to him. Evan said he had a choice. Ben told Claire that he went to see Vincent and found out he was dead. He said he and Shawn went to Rhodes’ apartment. He wondered if Shawn told her everything. She said there was a lot going on. John told Marlena that he didn’t remember what happened. He said he had a pain in his head and blacked out. She asked how long he was blacked out. He said he didn’t know. Orpheus told Evan that they were a team. He said they were in it together. Evan wanted to know what he got out of it. Orpheus said he and Evan could go anywhere they wanted once he got out of prison. Evan said he didn’t change him mind about being around him. He said Orpheus gave him orders. He said he wanted to make Ciara pay for what she did. He said he was the one in charge. Orpheus said he couldn’t have him challenge him. Evan wanted to know what he was going to do about it. When Orpheus was about to tell him, Evan hung up. Claire told Ben what happened with the recording. Ben said she had the confession. She said Charlie erased it. Ben thought he was in jail, but she said he wasn’t arrested. She said she didn’t have to worry about Charlie. John said he felt better now. Marlena wanted to get him checked out. Rafe told Ava that it was understandable why she felt the way she did about Charlie after what her father did. She said Charlie wasn’t Tripp and his father wasn’t the man she loved. She said she could barely look at Charlie. She said her father had Charlie’s father raise him. She said she was cold to Charlie. She said Charlie blamed himself for why she acted the way she did. She said he tried to get him to love her, but she wouldn’t do it. Clyde told Orpheus that he heard his conversation. Clyde asked if he was talking to his son. He asked if his son refused to listen to his father. Orpheus asked what was it to him. Clyde asked if it had to do with Ciara. Ciara asked Evan if he was trying to ransom her. She said he should do it because he would be rich. He said some things are more important than money. Claire told Ben that they could find Ciara. She said they could go to Susan. She said if Susan touched the box, she might be able to tell them where Ciara was. Rafe told Ava that it was possible that he could change. She didn’t think he would. While they were talking, Rafe got a call about someone hearing a gunshot at Charlie’s apartment. She thought Charlie might have killed himself. Orpheus told Clyde to mind his own business. Clyde said it was his business. He said he was going to get to the bottom of if. Ciara told Evan to shoot her and get it over with. Rafe went to Charlie’s apartment and found him dead on the floor. When Rafe was about to call for help, Sami showed up.

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