Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Faith moves in with Nick who asks her to give him her cell phone so he can figure out who is bullying her since she won’t give her the names of the kids who are bullying her. Nick gives Faith a new phone with a new number so she can have a break from those terrible messages for a while. Amanda meets with Naya and they get to know each other and Amanda is touched when Naya tells her she is proud of all she has accomplished. Amanda is hurt when she asks Naya if she could change things if she knew she grew up in foster care. Would she have decided to raise her. Naya tells Amanda she doesn’t know how to answer that question. Abby has a talk with Devon and asks if he would like to be involved in the life of baby Chancellor and act as an uncle to help the baby deal with being biracial. Abby also wants the baby to know he was the sperm donor once the baby can understand about how he or she was born. Devon agrees and the baby Chancellor team celebrates with champagne. Amanda advises Devon to have a very specific contract for his own protection. Sharon advises Mariah to consider the emotional changes she will have carrying another woman’s child. Sharon is happy when Rey sends her a text telling her he wants to talk.

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