B&B Short Recap Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Finn yells at Liam about what he’s been doing. He says that both Hope and Steffy deserve better. Liam assures him that he knows that he messed up. Finn tells him that he needs to respect boundaries. Liam regrets what he did, but Finn wonders if he really does. All Liam can do is keep apologizing and swear that he will do better. Meanwhile, at Steffy’s beach house, Steffy and Hope talk about the future with Steffy’s baby (with Liam). Steffy apologizes for sleeping with Liam and hurting Hope. She wants to move forward with Finn. Hope thinks they will get through this, but she’s not so sure that she and Liam will. Finn returns, so Steffy apologizes some more. She feels shame and regret, but he urges her to get past that, for the health of the baby. Finn assures her that he’ll care about her, no matter what. Steffy tells him that she feels lucky to have him in her life, and in her child’s life. He admits that he’s disappointed that the child isn’t his. He blames Liam, but not her or the baby. He accepts her and her baby. He lets her know that he went to yell at Liam, whom he blames for everything.

Also at Forrester, Thomas keeps wondering if Vinny switched the paternity tests. He does a little research online. Hope comes in, hearing him ask “Vinny, what did you do?” So she wonders what he’s talking about. He covers and asks her how she’s doing. She’s still reeling from what’s been going on. Liam arrives and lurks nearby, eavesdropping for a second. Hope wonders if Liam knows how difficult this all is, and he walks in, saying he doesn’t blame her. Hope admits that she’s been completely gutted by what’s going on. Liam beats himself up some more and hopes that they can accept what’s going on and move past this. Thomas adds in his two cents that things would have been different if the test had turned out differently. He leaves them alone to talk. Vinny arrives at Thomas’ office, at his request. Thomas wants to know what Vinny was hinting at before, about the paternity test. Vinny tries to avoid answering his questions. Thomas asks him outright if changed the results of Steffy’s paternity test.

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