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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire was upset that she didn’t get the phone from Charlie. She told Belle that she should have grabbed the phone. Claire asked Belle if she was serious about threatening to kill Charlie. Belle said she was. Tripp told Steve that Allie apologized to him. He said Allie was working hard to change her life. John ran into Charlie and told him to stay away from Claire and Allie. Charlie said to tell Claire to stay away from him. John wanted to know what he meant. Charlie said Claire called him and invited him over. He said she was trying to trick him into confessing to what he did. He said Claire recorded him confessing to raping Allie. He would have been thrown in jail again. He said he stopped her. John wanted to know what he did. Charlie said he told her he loved her and left. He told John to get his hands off him. John threatened to kill him if he went after either of his granddaughters. Claire told Belle that Charlie admitted to raping Allie. Belle said he deleted it. Claire said it was gone. Belle told her to promise that she would never take a risk like that again. Allie talked to Marlena about Tripp helping her with Henry. She told Marlena that Tripp forgave her apology. Marlena was glad that he was so forgiving. Tripp talked to Steve about spending time with Henry. Tripp said Henry needed him in his life because his father deserved to be in prison. Charlie showed up while they were talking and said he wasn’t going to be a part of Henry’s life.

Marlena met with John. He told her that he ran into Charlie. He said he wanted to hurt him after the way he talked to Claire. Belle told Shawn that he wanted to go after Charlie. She said she wanted to make him pay too. She told him about Charlie deleting the recording. Shawn wanted to know if she was okay. Claire went to see Allie and told him that she tricked Charlie into confessing. Allie wanted to hear it. Claire said it was gone. She told Allie that she blew it. Allie was proud of her. She asked if Charlie hurt her. Claire said he didn’t. She said she couldn’t believe that he admitted to something and walked out the door. She said she failed. She wanted to know how she could be so stupid. Allie said she wasn’t stupid. Claire said she fell for it. Charlie told Tripp that he wasn’t going near his son. Steve told Charlie that he was going to take care of him if the authorities couldn’t do it. Charlie said he didn’t do anything wrong. Steve said he raped a woman and let Tripp take the fall. Charlie said it was sweet that he stood up for Tripp. Steve said he would always do it because Tripp was a good person. Charlie said he sounded like his mother. Steve said Ava was telling the police about him. While they were talking, Charlie warned Tripp that he wasn’t going near his son. Charlie went to Nicole’s apartment to see Ava. Nicole said she wasn’t letting him see her. She warned him that he was living on borrowed time. Charlie wanted her to move. She told him to stay away from Allie. Belle told Shawn that she wanted to kill Charlie. John and Marlena went to see Belle and Shawn. Marlena wanted Belle to tell them what happened when Charlie came to see them. Allie tried to make Claire feel better about falling for Charlie. Claire said she wanted to make him pay. Allie said she should deal with Charlie herself. Tripp told Steve that he didn’t like the way Charlie was talking to them. Steve told him not to worry about him. Tripp thought Charlie would have tried to sue for custody. Charlie told Nicole that Ava was the reason why he met Allie. He said nothing would have happened if Ava didn’t want him to follow Tripp. Nicole told him that he tried to kill Ava. He said he was the devoted child. He said Tripp thought he was going to raise his son. He said he would rather see Tripp dead than near his son. She asked if he threatened to kill his own brother. Charlie said Ava would have enough love for him if Tripp was dead. John told Marlena, Belle and Shawn that he wanted to kill Charlie. Marlena tried to calm him down. Marlena wanted to get John out of there. Allie told Claire that she was going to shoot Charlie. Steve told Tripp that there is no judge that would give Charlie custody of Henry. Tripp said they might because Ava’s testimony wouldn’t be enough. Steve said that it would be. Tripp said Charlie would find a way to look like the better parent. Steve didn’t think he would. Tripp didn’t want to take that chance. Steve wanted to know what to do. Tripp said he would do something.

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