Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Devon tells Lily he has offered to be the sperm donor for Abby and Chance. Lily wonders if Devon isn’t trying to replace the baby he lost but Devon assures her that he just wants to help Abby and Chance to have a baby. Sharon and Nick decide to let Faith live with him for a while because he may have a better chance to help her with the kids that have been bullying her. Victoria tells Billy that putting in a bid for Ashland Locke’s media company was Victoria idea and later Billy and Lily decide not to put in a bid for the media company because they don’t want to go to war with Victor. Victor and Rey both tell Adam to stay away from Sharon, but Rey adds that if Adam doesn’t stay away from Sharon he will arrest him. Chelsea wonders what Victor and Rey showed Adam on their cell phones. Chelsea takes a long time to use her hand and arm to reach Adam’s phone that he left on the coffee table. Chelsea struggles for a long time but is finally able to reach Adam’s cell phone which he left on the coffee table. Chelsea punches in Adam’s code and sees the picture of Adam and Sharon kissing a few minutes before Adam arrives home to see her crying.

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