B&B Short Recap Tuesday, February 23 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Steffy tells Finn how much she loves him, even if Liam is the father of her baby. Finn wants to know how she feels about Liam, and if she would take him back if she could. Hope walks in and wants to know the same thing. Choosing her words carefully, Steffy tells Finn how much she loves him and why. He saved her life. She wants only him. Steffy makes sure that Hope knows that she only wants Finn. Hope isn’t so sure that they can get past this the way they did Kelly. Steffy tells her how she’s been feeling since her motorcycle accident. She apologizes for what happened with Liam but says they just have to live with the paternity results that say Liam is the father. Meanwhile, at Spencer, Liam asks Bill about his trip to Genoa City. They chat about Liam’s marital problems. Liam beats himself up about sleeping with Steffy. Bill suggests he look forward to his new baby. He’s proud of Liam for admitting his mistakes and fighting for what’s right. Liam knows that Bill is trying to do the same with Katie. Finn arrives and wants to speak with Liam, so Bill leaves. Finn wants to know if Liam understands how many lives he’s messed with. He yells at Liam, who keeps apologizing. Finn wonders if Liam thinks he can keep both Steffy and Hope tied to him. Finn thinks that Liam wants love and adoration from everyone, including both women. He warns Liam that he’s not going to let him hurt Steffy again.

Vinny tells Thomas that he can get back together with Hope, now that Steffy is pregnant with Liam’s baby. Thomas doesn’t want to hear that. Vinny thinks he deserves happiness with Hope, but Thomas isn’t so sure. Ridge walks in, wanting to know what they’re discussing. Thomas tells him they were just discussing Steffy’s new baby. Vinny repeats that he thinks this could be Thomas’ chance to find happiness with Hope. Ridge asks him not to put crazy ideas in Thomas’ head and reminds him that Hope is married to Liam. Vinny wonders how long that will last. He tells Thomas that he’s pulling for him, and then he leaves to go to his job at the hospital lab. Thomas gets slightly annoyed at Ridge for lecturing him like he’s a child. He wonders what kind of person Liam is, that he didn’t go in to his apartment and confront him, rather than running off to Steffy. Ridge assures him that they’re all trying to work things out. Thomas thinks back to some things Vinny said about the paternity test. He starts to realize that Vinny might have tampered with the test.

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