Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 16, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Nate figures out that Elena slept with Devon by her body language and how tense and anxious she seems so Nate decides to ask Elena the question and she admits she did sleep with Devon. Elena apologizes to Nate and assures him that the one-night stand served to make it clear to her and Devon that their relationship is in the past. Nate thinks Elena doesn’t know what she wants so he decides to go think by taking a walk on the beach. Devon has no problem moving on with Amanda after they make love they talk about all his tattoos mean to him and why he had them tattooed on himself. Devon and Amanda also share ice cream and Devon makes it clear to Amanda that his relationship with Elena is in his past. Devon and Amanda decide not to label their relationship just enjoy it and then they go upstairs and make love again. Rey and Sharon have a very long talk because Rey thinks Sharon emotionally cheated on him with Adam. Rey is tired of Sharon putting Adam’s needs ahead of him and her children and asks her to not see Adam anymore. Victor also thinks Adam is lying to himself by saying that he and Sharon are just friends. Victor thinks Adam and Sharon have a strong connection because no matter what happens they keep coming back to each other. Sharon goes to Society to have a drink and sees Adam and she takes the opportunity to tell Adam that she can’t treat Chelsea anymore because Rey thinks she is getting too close to him and its putting her marriage at risk. Adam wonders why Rey thinks this and Sharon starts to walk away but Adam grabs her hand and pulls her toward him and gives her a kiss.

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