Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 16, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben and Claire went to see Marlena to find out if Susan was still with her. Marlena said she went out. Marlena wanted to know why they wanted to see Susan. Ben said he knew for a fact that Ciara was still alive. Rhodes went to see Vincent at the prison, but he saw Orpheus instead. Orpheus said he was going to deal with him instead. Ivan went to see Vivian in the interrogation room. He apologized to her for what happened. She told him it was alright. She wanted him to kill her. Ivan told Vivian that he couldn’t help her because he didn’t have the herbs to help her. He gave her a piece of paper. Kristen wanted to know if Susan was going to change her mind about helping her. Kristen told her that Chloe wanted to be with Brady. Kristen tried to convince Susan to take her place at the prison. Ben told Marlena that he heard Ciara on the phone. Ben told Marlena that Susan had a vision of what was happening to Ciara. He said Susan said Ciara was alive. Marlena called Susan while she was on the phone with Kristen. Marlena asked her if she could come back to her place. Susan said she would be there right away. Ivan asked Vivian if she could ever forgive her. She said she knew he did it out of loyalty to her. He said he did it out of love. Orpheus confronted Rhodes about having Ciara. Ben told Susan that he heard Ciara say she loved him. Susan wanted the phone. While she was holding the phone, her own phone rang. She told Kristen that it wasn’t a good time to talk. Ben demanded to know who it was.

Ben and Claire left Marlena’s townhouse when Susan needed a break. Marlena wanted to know what was bothering Susan. Marlena thought it was the phone calls. Kristen was upset when Susan didn’t answer the phone. Vivian walked in on Kristen. Kristen told Vivian that they used to be sympathetic towards each other, but they weren’t anymore. Kristen said Lani was her friend. Vivian told her that Lani killed her son. Kristen reminded her that the bullet was meant for her. Kristen said Lani’s first child was stillborn and then her twins were kidnapped. Kristen warned Vivian to leave Lani alone. Orpheus told Rhodes that he knew what Vincent did to Ciara. Claire told Ben that he didn’t make up Ciara being alive. She said she had an idea on how they could find out where Ciara was. Claire said they had to go back to the beginning and look at where the car exploded. Ben said he and Hope looked all over the area. They realized that someone had Ciara locked up. Orpheus told Rhodes that Hope was on a mission to find Ciara. Rhodes said Hope was looking in all the wrong places. Vivian wanted to know how Kristen was going to see her daughter. Vivian asked if she was going to break out again. Vivian said she wanted to help. Claire told Ben that Vincent couldn’t have Ciara. Ben said Vincent was working with somebody. He wanted to go to Statesville to ask someone questions. Orpheus said he wanted to work with Rhodes. Rhodes wanted to know what he wanted from him.

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