B&B Short Recap Monday, February 15 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ridge and Brooke are at work. She hopes he’s not mad at her for not telling him about Steffy being pregnant; Steffy asked to tell him herself. Ridge completely understands. Ridge gets a text from Steffy to let him know that they’re at the hospital, waiting for the paternity test results. Thomas comes in and wants to know if there’s any news, so Ridge tells him. They all agree that it would be best if Finn is the father of Steffy’s baby. Ridge makes a joke about them all agreeing on something. Thomas apologizes to Ridge and Brooke for the things he’s done in the past. He hopes Brooke can forgive him. She smiles in return. Ridge is proud of how Thomas has turned his life around. Thomas and Brooke rehash some of the past. Brooke is suspicious but willing to give Thomas a chance. Thomas tells her that he does care about Hope and what makes her happy. He hopes that Steffy’s babydaddy is Finn, for Hope’s sake.

Finn and Steffy wait in the doctor’s office. Finn is happy that Ridge has been nice to him, considering he’s new. Steffy can tell Ridge likes him and that he’s a good judge of character. Hope and Liam arrive. Doctor Campbell comes in and says they’ll get the results any minute. Steffy is stressed out, so the doctor warns her to manage her stress levels to protect the baby. Hope and Liam give Finn and Steffy some time alone. Finn tries to stay positive. They talk about the possible future with their new baby. Liam and Hope find an office to hang out in while they wait. Liam apologizes to her again for what they’re going through. They look forward to a new chapter in their lives. Liam is relieved that Hope is open to working through their problems. Liam and Hope return to Finn and Steffy. Hope tells them that she hopes they can all get along. The doctor returns, so they want to know the answer.

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