Days Short Recap Monday, February 15, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben answered his phone and asked if it was Ciara on the phone. Ciara was surprised that Ben was able to hear her. He didn’t hear her voice. He only heard static on the phone. Ciara didn’t want him to hang up on her. Rhodes walked in the room and saw her on the phone. She let Ben know she loved him when Rhodes took the phone from her. She said Ben loved her. Ben called out to Ciara, but they were disconnected when Rhodes ended the call. He rushed out of the room. Rhodes was upset with Ciara for pulling another stunt. She asked him if he was going to kill her. He let her know he wouldn’t kill her, but he warned her not to try anything again. He walked out of the room. Ciara cried and believed Ben heard her on the phone. Charlie and Claire saw each other at the park. She was shocked to find out the charges against him were dropped. Charlie told her how he had sex with Allie and it was consensual. She tried to walk away, but he stopped her. He wanted her to hear what he had to say. He informed her that Allie was flirting with him in London. She wanted to know why he allowed Tripp to take the fall for what he did. He told her that he didn’t want to lose her because he had sex with her cousin. He let her know how much he loved her. Charlie hoped she felt the same way about him. She thought he was disgusting and recapped what he did to Allie. She walked away from him again, but he grabbed her wrist. Ben arrived and saw what Charlie was doing to Claire. He pushed Charlie away from her. She let Charlie know he was nothing to her and walked away. Ben warned him to stay away from Claire and went after her.

Ben and Claire went to the pub. He assured her that he wouldn’t allow Charlie to bother her again. He let her know that Ciara called him. He was convinced he heard her voice on the phone. Claire wasn’t sure if he did hear Ciara, but he was convinced he did. She suggested he call Susan to get her help. Allie talked to Marlena about feeling guilty for accusing Tripp of raping her. She would understand if he never forgave her. Marlena assured her things would be okay. Marlena wanted her to think about the future. Allie admitted she was having trouble sleeping because she kept seeing Charlie attacking her. Lucas saw Tripp leaving the pub. Lucas apologized to Tripp for accusing him of raping Allie. Tripp understood how he felt. Lucas let him know Charlie was set free and Tripp became enraged. Lucas let Allie know Charlie said they had consensual sex so the London police weren’t going to pursue the case. Allie was upset because she relived the moment for nothing. Charlie ran into them and wanted to know if Henry was his son. Lucas threatened to kill him. He went after him, but Allie tried to stop him.

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