Days Short Recap Wednesday, February 10, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen was shocked when she realized she killed Laura. She called Jack to come and help her out. He arrived at her room and was surprised by what happened. She assured him that what happened was an accident. Jack believed her side of the story. He believed her, but he wasn’t going to cover up what she did. He decided to call the police. Rafe showed up at the inn and found out what happened to Laura. He arrested Gwen and took her to the station. Jack had a hard time dealing with the fact that he had to go home and tell Jennifer and Abby what happened to Laura. Julie was upset because she hadn’t heard from Eli and Lani for a while. She wondered if they found the twins. Rafe heard her talking about Eli and Lani so he tried to remain positive about the situation. He was certain they would find the twins.

Eli and Lani couldn’t believe Ivan tricked them into getting locked up in a room. They made a lot of noise so they could be heard. Vivian was able to hear them talking and asked Ivan what happened. Ivan had to confess they had unwanted visitors there. Vivian wanted to know what was going on so he admitted Eli and Lani were being held hostage. She wanted to know why and he told her they were the parents of the twins. Vivian decided she had to finish what she started. She wanted to kill Eli and Lani. She went to kill them, but she wasn’t able to do it. Eli and Lani managed to outsmart her. They were able to stop her and tied her up. They were also able to tie Ivan up. They managed to find their babies after all. Chad was ecstatic when Abby agreed to move back into the mansion. She let him know she wasn’t ready to forgive him right now. She considered it a step in the right direction. Later, Abby went to Jack and Jennifer’s place to get her things. Jennifer was happy that Abby was ready to work things out with Chad. Jack arrived home to let them know that Laura was dead.

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