B&B Short Recap Monday, February 8 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Everyone waits anxiously for the results of Steffy’s paternity test. Finn tells Steffy how much she means to him. She can’t believe how calm and unaffected he seems. Her doctor phones to let her know that the test is done and that she should come down to the office.

Liam urges Hope to speak honestly to him, rather than hold it all in, so she does. She talks about how hurt she is and how she wonders how good their marriage was before he cheated. She asks him if he hopes the baby is his or not. He tells her that he hopes the baby is Finn’s because he wants his life with her back. He begs again to make it up to her. They get the call from Steffy and head for the hospital. Meanwhile, Ridge and Brooke discuss their kids. Brooke just wants to protect Hope.

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