Days Short Recap Thursday, February 11, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve wanted to marry Kayla, but he realized the timing was off since Laura was killed. He wasn’t sure if he should do it since he wanted Jack and Jennifer to be in the wedding. Jack called Steve and insisted he and Kayla get married. He told Steve that Laura would want them to get married. Tripp was ready to step in and be his best man. Marlena called and let him know that she and John had food poisoning and couldn’t be at the wedding. Marlena was supposed to officiate the wedding so Steve thought it was going to be another setback. Abe was willing to step in and marry them. He was having second thought about surprising Kayla with a wedding. He remembered they were in trouble the last time because he didn’t tell her what happened. He thought he should talk to her about it first.

The wedding was underway. Steve poured his heart out to Kayla and talked to her about how much she meant to him. He knew she was the one for him and that would never change. Kayla didn’t have time to prepare a speech so she spoke from her heart too. She told him how much he meant to her and how she admired him. She mentioned how they were getting married for the fourth time. She thought this would be the last time they were doing it. Abe pronounced them man and wife. Steve and Kayla kissed each other. Jake and Kate weren’t happy to find out Vivian was alive after all. He wanted to see Vivian. Kate wasn’t thrilled with the idea of him going to see Vivian. He wanted to see her anyway. Kate decided to go with him. She wanted to make sure Vivian didn’t try anything. Vivian told Eli and Lani the twins were her sons Jake and Stefan. Everyone questioned whether she was crazy or not. Eli and Kate felt like she was pretending to be crazy so she could avoid prison. Eli didn’t want to stay at the station. He wanted to be with Lani and the twins. Kate went to talk to Vivian. Vivian assumed she was the public defender. Kate didn’t answer the question. She asked Vivian if she wanted to meet her son Jake.

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