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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack went to see Gwen to apologize to her. He said he understood why she did what she did even though he didn’t like how she hurt his wife and daughter. He apologized for hurting her. Jake told Kate that he wasn’t going to work with Gabi. Kate thought he made that decision because of her. He said Tony talked him into it. She said he should ask Tony to work at DiMera. He said he wanted her to work there. Gwen told Jack that Abby told her that he didn’t know about the pay off. He said he didn’t know that Laura lied to him. Gwen was surprised that Laura was the one who lied. Jack told her that Laura was the one who paid off her mother because she didn’t want anything to come between him and Jennifer. Jennifer told Laura that her decision to keep quiet hurt people. Jennifer told her that she cost Jack time with his daughter. She said Gwen was an innocent girl. Laura said she knew that now. She said she was sorry, but she couldn’t take it back. Jennifer said Gwen had built up anger and took it out on Abby. She said Gwen was the one who drugged Abby. She said the consequences of her actions were disastrous. Jake told Kate that she ran DiMera before and trusted her. She said she had a job with Abe. He told her to quit. She said she liked it. He asked her if she liked it more than she liked him. He told her to take time to think about it. Gabi went to Xander to see if he would be willing to take Gabi Chic. Victor told Philip that he fixed things with the Vitales. Philip told Victor that he was resigning from Titan. Chad and Kate talked about Gabi. He wondered if Kate wanted her out of DiMera because she was jealous of her. Kate admitted that she was. Xander was willing to make the deal with Gabi, but she was hesitant. He asked if she wanted to do it or was she making Jake jealous. Abby ran into Jake. They talked about Gwen ruining her family. She told him she was her sister.

Kate told Chad that he and Abby loved each other. She said Abby needed to get over herself. He said he was the one who cheated on Abby. She said it was Gwen’s fault. Kate didn’t understand why Gwen wanted to destroy Abby’s life. Jake couldn’t believe Gwen was Abby’s sister. Abby told him that Gwen thought Jack abandoned her. She said she wanted to be near her so she could ruin her life. Jake apologized for leading Gwen to her. Abby asked if Gwen ever talked about her. He said she told him her father abandoned her, but he didn’t think she was Jack’s daughter. Laura told Jennifer that she would do anything to make up for what she did. She said she, Jack and the kids meant everything to her. Jennifer said there was nothing she could do. Laura wanted to try. Jennifer told her to stay out of if. Laura asked if she could ever forgive her. Jennifer said she could. Gwen told Jack that she wasn’t surprised that Abby didn’t tell her what Laura did. Jack was upset about what Laura did. He said he wanted to make things right with Gwen. Kate was surprised that Gwen was Jack’s daughter. Chad told her that Laura paid Gwen’s mother to keep her away. Kate was furious that Laura kept Gwen away from Jack. Abby told Jake that Gwen was the one who drugged her. While they were talking, they talked about Gabi. Abby told him she was back in town. He said she tried to get him to work with her on Gabi Chic. He said he turned her down. Xander and Gabi made a deal. Victor told Philip that he wasn’t moving out. Victor said he didn’t want to lose him again. Kate ran into Laura and confronted her about ruining someone’s life. Jack wanted Gwen to accept his apology. He said he wanted to make up for the time they lost. He wanted her to leave Abby alone. Gwen wanted to know what he would do if he had to choose. He asked her not to make him do that. He said he couldn’t undo what happened, but he wanted to be a father to her. He said it couldn’t work if she had a war with Abby. Gwen told him she would think about it. Kate called Laura a hypocrite. Laura wanted to know why it was her business. Kate said she cared about Jack and Chad. Laura said she didn’t care about anyone but herself. She reminded Kate that she slept with her husband and then with her daughter’s. Kate told her that she couldn’t judge her.

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