Y&R Short Recap Monday, February 8 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Theo and Sally met with Kyle. Theo let revealed that he’d run into the married woman Kyle used to date in NY. The woman had a young son she was passing off as her husband’s but the boy looked like Kyle. Sally realized Kyle never knew about the pregnancy. Kyle denied impregnating anyone and called Theo a liar. Sally told Kyle she didn’t want to blow up his life. She wanted to peacefully coexist with him and Summer. Nick was pleasantly surprised Victoria apologized to Phyllis. He asked Phyllis to attend the family gathering, but she declined.

Victoria found out Billy was going to tell Johnny that he was dating Lily. She thought it was too soon. Billy told her that he was serious about Lily. Lily and Billy spent time with Johnny. Johnny asked Lily if she was Billy’s girlfriend. Billy said yes, and Johnny asked if that meant Victoria and Billy weren’t getting back together. Billy assured Johnny that he had two parents who loved him and that he and Katie would always come first. Nikki and Victor prepared to meet their children for dinner. He wasn’t happy when she told him that Victoria had been thinking back on her relationship with Billy. He lamented that Adam wouldn’t be involved. Nick, Victoria and Abby joined the dinner. Abby told everyone her surrogacy news, and they were all happy for her. Victoria asked Billy how Johnny took the news, and he said it went well. Summer told Phyllis how happy she and Kyle were. She was concerned about what Sally would do in the future. Phyllis said that Summer had the upper hand. Kyle rushed in upset and talked to Summer in private. He said Sally knew what he did, and he could lose everything. Phyllis and Nick were concerned about what was going on with Kyle. Sally thanked Theo for this information. She now felt protected from anything Summer and Kyle might try and use against her.

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