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“The Equalizer” on CBS Review by Suzanne 2/8/21

It’s nice to see a woman (particularly an African-American woman) kicking ass and taking names on TV. However, I’m not too fond of the concept of this show (as I wasn’t of the original series, either). That is, I’m not too fond of vigilante justice, whether it comes from a cop or a former CIA agent. Sure, I’m fine with vigilantes like Dexter, Batman, and Supergirl because those are not at all realistic. They’re fantasy shows. No real person could be like them. No one person should have the power to just shoot people and get away with it. I’m not saying that this show is gritty and realistic, because it’s not. It doesn’t quit fit into a fantasy world, either. It walks a fine line between reality and fantasy, much like most broadcast TV shows. If you want gritty reality, watch shows on AMC or HBO. Those who loved the original 80’s series, or the Denzel Washington movies, may not enjoy this one as much for that reason.

In this new series, at least they’ve toned down the violence from the original show. Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) doesn’t seem to kill people. She does use violence, but she doesn’t kill. I’m not sure if that makes the show better or worse. Perhaps they think that having a woman killer won’t fly on broadcast TV. I hope not. It makes sense, though, because of the changes they made in the story (compared to the original 1980’s version). Edward Woodward’s McCall went after violent offenders (the focus was on the villains). This McCall defends women that are being targeted (the focus is on the victims). This makes her a little less vigilante and a little more superhero. Because it’s 2021, she has a computer geek helping her out (like most dramas do now). Woodward’s McCall hid in the shadows, at night; while she works during the day, using disguises.

What makes this show great is that she has a sordid past that she’s trying to make up for. She has a police detective who both helps her and wants to put her behind bars. This makes for an interesting dynamic. They also have a sexual attraction between them. Besides making up for her past, McCall experienced some serious trauma that she’s having to deal with, which affects her daughter. This makes her a very interesting character to watch, which is great if you watch the show.


THE EQUALIZER is a reimagining of the classic series starring Academy Award® nominee and multi-hyphenate Queen Latifah (“Chicago,” “Bessie”) as Robyn McCall, an enigmatic woman with a mysterious background who uses her extensive skills as a former CIA operative to help those with nowhere else to turn. McCall presents to most as an average single mom who is quietly raising her teenage daughter. But to a trusted few, she is The Equalizer – an anonymous guardian angel and defender of the downtrodden, who’s also dogged in her pursuit of personal redemption. Robyn’s clandestine work and her personal life collide when her smart and observant daughter, Delilah, and her aunt Vi, who lives with Robyn to help her balance life as a working mother, discover her secret career as a vigilante. While Robyn contends with uncertainty at home, she is joined in her pursuit of justice by William Bishop, her former CIA handler and longtime friend; Melody “Mel” Bayani, an edgy bar owner, and sniper from Robyn’s past; and Harry Keshegian, a paranoid and brilliant white-hat hacker. As Robyn aids the oppressed and exploited, she sometimes works with Marcus Dante, an NYPD detective who once sought to uncover her identity, but now respects the need for Robyn’s type of justice even as he often questions her methods.

Begins its second season Sunday, Oct. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and available live and on demand on the CBS app and Paramount+.


ON AIR: Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)


Drama (Filmed in HD)


Queen Latifah (Robyn McCall)
Tory Kittles (Detective Marcus Dante)
Adam Goldberg (Harry Keshegian)
Liza Lapira (Melody “Mel” Bayani)
Laya DeLeon Hayes (Delilah)
WITH: Lorraine Toussaint (Viola “Vi” Marsette)
AND: Chris Noth (William Bishop)


Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, in association with CBS Studios


Andrew W. Marlowe, Terri Edda Miller, Dana Owens (Queen Latifah), John Davis, John Fox, Debra Martin Chase, Shakim Compere and Joseph C. Wilson
CREATED BY: Developed for television by Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller, as based on the original series co-created by Richard Lindheim



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Queen Latifah and Chris Noth of "The Equalizer" on CBS.

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