Days Short Recap Monday, February 1, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tony walked in the room while Jake thought about kissing Gabi. He saw Jake looking at Gabi’s proposal and wanted to give him some tips about it. Tony thought taking over Gabi Chic would be good for the business, but it wouldn’t be good for his personal life. Rafe told Gabi about his day with Nicole. She reminded him that Nicole was married. He wanted her to be careful with Jake. Gabi said Jake wasn’t a married man and Kate never stays with one man. He wasn’t so sure, and left for work. Jake showed up at Rafe’s place and saw Gabi wasn’t dressed. He stammered while he was talking. She didn’t plan on getting dressed because he’s seen her before. He let her know he was turning down her business proposal. She tried to convince him that the proposal was a good idea. He was adamant about not doing the deal. She believed he didn’t want to do it because he was afraid to be around her. He let her know that he didn’t want to do it because she will constantly think he’s Stefan and he couldn’t be him. He allowed her to have the rights to her company. Jack admitted to Jennifer that he possibly slept with Tiffany, but he couldn’t remember her name. He wasn’t proud because he felt like it happened to someone else. He believed he would have remembered a woman coming to him about a child. Jennifer thought it was possible there was another Jack Deveraux who fathered Gwen. They realized it was a stretch. Jennifer thought his assistant might have dealt with it. He decided to call his assistant about it. She didn’t remember dealing with Tiffany and Gwen. He got a call from the lab. He was told the paternity test results were done.

Gwen looked at herself and saw the black eye she had. She wanted it to be darker. She planned on making Abby pay for what she did. Abby went to the station and asked Rafe if Gwen was going to be charged for drugging her. Rafe didn’t know if Rolf’s word was enough to get her indicted, but he had to wait for the DA to let him know. Gwen arrived at the station sporting her black eye. She thought Abby should be arrested. Gwen and Abby argued until the lab calling Gwen interrupted them. Gwen left to go to the hospital. Rafe advised Abby not to go after her because she’s dangerous. Abby wanted him to arrest Gwen. Gwen arrived at the hospital. She saw Julie and they got into an argument. Jack heard the argument and stopped them. Julie tried to lunge out to Gwen before she left. Gwen showed Jack the paternity test results. Gwen called him “daddy”. Laura arrived at the Horton house and hugged Jennifer. Laura said she was back because she read what happened. Jennifer and Abby told her how Gwen claimed to be Jack’s daughter and he abandoned her. They didn’t think it was true. Laura told them that she was the one sending the checks.

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