Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen told Jack that she was his daughter. Laura told Jennifer and Abby that she was the one who gave Gwen’s mother the checks. Eli reassured Lani that they were getting their babies back. Lani was afraid Raynor was lying to them. Gwen was happy that Jack couldn’t deny her being his daughter. He told her that he wouldn’t challenge the results of the test. He said he never had his secretary send her a check. He said he called his secretary and she said she never wrote the checks. Gwen said somebody was lying and it wasn’t her. Laura told Jennifer that she wanted to come to town and stop Gwen, but she was too late. She said there was nothing stopping her from telling what she knew. Nicole told Rafe that Eric was staying away longer. She said he didn’t ask her if he could stay. She said he turned down the job when it was offered to him, but now he didn’t consult her before agreeing to stay. Rafe tried to get her to realize that Eric wouldn’t be gone long. She said she missed him. Laura told Jennifer and Abby about what happened 25 years ago. It was around the time Jack and Laura came back to town. There was a flashback of Gwen’s mother looking for Jack. Jack told Gwen that he was going to get to the bottom of what happened. She wanted him to welcome her, but he said it was hard to do after everything she did to Abby. They argued over what she did to him and Abby. Laura finished telling Jennifer about Tiffany (Gwen’s mother). Tiffany told Laura that she had a fling with Jack. Jennifer couldn’t believe that Gwen was Jack’s daughter.

Laura continued to tell Jennifer and Abby about Tiffany wanting to see Jack. Jennifer said she didn’t hear anything. Abby said Jack should have known. Laura said he didn’t know. Gwen told Jack that he spawned her. She said he shouldn’t be surprised that she turned out the way she did. She said it was in her genes. Raynor was waiting for Xander. She felt as if she was being set up. Eli and Lani showed up. Raynor was about to leave, but they stopped her. Gwen reminded Jack that his mother didn’t want him. She said his mother preferred Adrienne to him. She said he grew up with money. She said she would never throw her child away. He said he didn’t throw her away. He said he couldn’t be sorry for something that he never knew. She said he was thankful that he never had to raise her. She said he was thankful that he didn’t have to know her. She said he was wishing he didn’t know her now. Jennifer asked Laura how Jack couldn’t have known. Laura said she panicked and didn’t know what to say or do. She said she wanted to warn Jack so Jennifer wouldn’t be blindsided. She said she didn’t know if there was a child or if she met Jack. Laura said Jennifer and Jack were inching back towards each other. She said she wasn’t going to let her be hurt like that again. Raynor told Eli and Lani that she didn’t know where they were. Lani said they needed constant care. Raynor said they were safe. Eli and Lani wanted to know why she did it. She said she was being blackmailed. They wanted to know who blackmailed her. Laura told Jennifer and Abby that she panicked about Jennifer finding out the truth. She said she contacted Tiffany and said Jack wanted to meet her. There was a flashback of Laura meeting with Tiffany to talk about Jack being Gwen’s father. Laura told Jennifer and Abby that she was determined to protect them, but she didn’t do it at all. She apologized. Gwen told Jack that it was okay for him to hate her because she hated him more. He said it was okay to hate him, but she didn’t have to get revenge on the whole family. He wanted to know what she wanted now that she has gotten her revenge against them. He wanted to know how much money it would take to get her to leave him and his family alone. Jennifer couldn’t believe Laura told Gwen’s mother that Jack didn’t want anything to do with her. Jennifer also couldn’t believe she didn’t tell Jack about Gwen. Abby wanted to know about the money Gwen was talking about. Laura told them that she paid her off. Laura apologized for what she did. Raynor told Eli and Lani that she started a new life in New York. She said she got a call from someone who told her that he knew about the baby switch. She said he threatened to expose what she did if she didn’t help him. She said he wanted her to take the babies when they were born.

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